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Sustainable Development Select Committee


Information about Sustainable Development Select Committee

This Committee looks at issues relating to the protection of the environment such as: the best use of natural resources; air quality; energy saving and the reduction of all types of pollution.


It can review and challenge reports written by managers of Council services. It can also study topics that are important to local people and share its findings with the Council’s Mayor and Cabinet about:


·         Economic development, business support, employment and training

·         The Council’s planning policies (but not planning control and building control)

·         Roads and pavements, parking traffic and transport

·         Projects to rebuild or change local areas

·         Rubbish, bins, recycling and cleaning the streets

·         Street and market trading (but not giving permission for people to trade or other things that the Council’s licensing committee is responsible for)

·         The work carried out by those responsible for preventing and managing flooding.


The Committee chooses the issues it wants to focus on each year and holds five meetings, which are open to the public.  The agenda and papers for each meeting are published online in advance.