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The recording of decisions by commitee started from 1 January 2011.

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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Award of Contract of Young People's Health and Wellbeing Service ref: 339019/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Main Grants 2017-18 - London Boxing Allocation ref: 338619/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Provision of Passenger Transport Services ref: 338819/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
New Homes Programme Update Former Edward Street MUGA ref: 338919/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 338519/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Declaration of Interests ref: 338419/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 338719/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
New Homes Programme Update ref: 338019/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 337719/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Comments of the Public Accounts Select Committee on the Audit Panel ref: 338319/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Education Appeal Panel Members Appointment ref: 338119/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Response to OSBP Sustainable Community Strategy ref: 338219/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Declaration of Interests ref: 337619/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Outstanding Scrutiny Matters ref: 337919/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies ref: 337819/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Confirmation of the Chair and Vice Chair ref: 337119/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Declarations of interest ref: 337319/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Minutes of the meeting held on 15 March ref: 337219/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Management report ref: 337419/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in
Select Committee work programme ref: 337519/04/201719/04/2017Not for call-in