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The recording of decisions by commitee started from 1 January 2011.

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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Highways Contract Strategy ref: 402318/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Deptford Lounge Centre Management for Arts, Culture & Community Services, and Facilities Management for Deptford Lounge and Tidemill Academy ref: 402218/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Highways and Transport Framework Contract Award ref: 402418/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Oracle Financials Archiving - ITEM WITHDRAWN ref: 402518/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Declaration of Interests ref: 401818/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 402018/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Matters Raised by Scrutiny and other Constitutional Bodies ref: 402118/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 401918/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
CCTV Modernisation Plan ref: 401718/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Decision to close Torridon Junior School and change age range Torridon Infant and Nursery School ref: 401118/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Addey and Stanhope School Expansion Revocation Decision ref: 401018/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
School Minor Capital Works Programme ref: 401618/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Exclusion of Press and Public ref: 401518/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Outstanding Scrutiny Matters ref: 401418/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Minutes ref: 401318/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Declaration of Interests ref: 401218/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Disproportionality in the Criminal Justice System ref: 398007/03/201807/03/2018Not for call-in