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Venue: St Matthew Academy, St Joseph's Vale, Blackheath SE3 0XX

Contact: Nancy Stridgen 

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Blackheath Coordinating Group Minutes 20 August 2013











Tuesday 20 Aug 2013  7pm – 9pm

Age Exchange Reminiscence Centre




Present:, Cllr Maines (Chair), Cllr Amanda De Ryk, Pat Hughes, Cllr Kevin Bonavia, John Dunne, Nancy Stridgen, Wendy Wood, Dru Vesty, Simon Riley


Apologies:  Heather Elliston, Amanda Kipling, Peter Smith








Welcome & introductions




Cllr Maines welcomed the group.




Minute of last meetings









Community Contact Leaflet

It was agreed that this should be looked into ways it could be publicised in the ward.


Internet message forum

It was discussed that Peter Smith could be asked to set up an internet messaging forum for the group to communicate on.











Action Plan









Extra Groups to be visited

It was discussed that the following groups could be consulted with to update our action plan:

·      Darby and Joan Club

·      Baizdon residents

·      St Matthews Academy

·      Christ the King College

·      St Margret’s Lee

·      All Saints

·      Church of the Ascension

·      Age Exchange Theatre group for Young People


As well as the groups already contacted

·      Wash House Youth club

·      Heathside and Lethbridge TRA

·      Heathside and Lethbridge Luncheon Club

·      Prendergast and Lawn TRA

·      Blackheath Society


Review of the data from Assembly meeting

It was confirmed that a new action plan should be created from the consultation with residents both at the assembly and outside groups.


October 22 Assembly meeting


Consultation Results

It was agreed that a long list of what everyone has said in the consultation should be given out at the next meeting on the 22 October.


New Action Plan and Priorities

It was said that the assembly should have the opportunity to confirm the new priorities and action plan from the most popular results of the consultation. Potentially a top 4 priorities to work on.


Is was agreed that these results are added to the agenda of the October meeting and put on the internet so residents have a chance to look at them before the actual assembly meeting.


Projects & Issues for Action

It was confirmed that under each priority heading there should be two columns; one for ‘Projects’ (that would require funding) and ‘Issues for action’ that don’t require funding but the assembly can highlight and put a paper to Mayor and Cabinet about if appropriate.


Household Leaflet

It was asked that the website address that has the consultation  results is put on the household leaflet, (with a shortened link if possible).  It was asked that there is information for people to email in responses to the consultation via the leaflet.


Issues for Action

It was agreed that meetings should take place on the issues that have been raised such as CPZ/parking and the 20mph speed limit that is being broken by John Ball School in the Baizdon Road cut through.


Potential Mapping exercise

It was suggested that if there was a potential project in the action plan that needed a location to define it, that there could be a mapping exercise at the meeting where people decide  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.


Blackheath Assembly minutes 22 October 2013


Blackheath Assembly

22 October 2013

St Matthew Academy

7.30pm - 9.30pm


Meeting Notes




Welcome and Introduction to the meeting




Councillor Chris Maines welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the agenda.



New Parking System


Lesley Brookes and Ralph Wilkinson from Lewisham Council spoke to the assembly.


Changes this year

It was said that 37 recommended changes in the parking system were agreed by Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet meeting in April this year and are in the process of being set up.   These include some flexible control parking zones and 2 hour parking zones, weekly permit reduction from £28 to £20, discount for cars with low emissions and free carer permits.  There are also free visitor permits for older people on benefits.  There is a review of the CPZ areas being carried out at the moment and a move away from the pay and display system.


It was commented that Lewisham council has to make £85 million of cuts and that is why the parking shop closed and cashless parking was introduced. 


Phone contact

It was commented that the 0845 was a local rate number but as if it is phoned from a mobile it is an expensive call the number is being changed to a 0208 number 020 8787 5397. 


Visitors Permit from Lewisham Library

I was confirmed that as some people can not use the phone or website to get visitors permits, they can now be bought from Lewisham Library by cash.



It was commented that Barnet councils charges were reversed because they were set illegally.  As Lewisham set the charges legally they are not going to be reversed.


How money is used

It was commented that the Mayor and Cabinet are going to publish what the parking charge money is spent on in the borough and this will be on the Lewisham Council Website.


Blackheath Zones

It was said that there was a review in 2006 of Blackheath’s zones but the results were inconclusive, not enough people wanted to have an hours a day no parking without a permit.


Heathside and Lethbridge 

It was commented that as Heathside and Lethbridge is a new development all the land around it now is rented by Family Mosaic and there are no public highways on the new estate with parking bays and limited parking spaces, 560 for 1192 homes.


Questions and Answer Session 


Heathside and Lethbridge 

Raj Vekaria the Chair of the Parkside Residents Association on Heathside and Lethbridge spoke to the assembly.  It was said that there are 5 visitors spaces in the whole development but there are visitors spaces nearby that residents are not allowed to apply for.  It was said that residents can’t have family members to visit and this is isolating some people.  Also there is a problem with domestic help for older people and people that have come to provide childcare.

Lesley commented that the demand for parking spaces would be so high just  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1a


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