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Public Accounts Select Committee

Purpose of committee

This select committee looks in depth at how the Council spends money and manages its finances and makes recommendations on how the Council can achieve value for money by:

·         making reports and recommendations to the Council or the Executive which promote the better custodianship of the Council's finances and to make recommendations for good financial practice across the authority

·         investigating possibilities for improving the Council’s financial management practice and making reports and recommendations to the Executive or Council as appropriate

·         encouraging the highest standards of financial custodianship and where necessary overseeing training activity for all members in this area

·         consulting on, commenting on and making recommendations to the Executive in respect of the actual and proposed contents of the Council’s budget and without limiting the general remit of the committee, holding the Executive to account for its performance in respect of all budgetary matters

·         monitoring and reviewing the Council’s procurement and contract letting procedures and practice

·         making recommendations and reports for consideration by the Executive or Council to improve procurement practice

·         receiving reports as appropriate from the Audit Panel in respect of their overview of contract procedure rules and financial regulations and scrutinising the effectiveness of the Audit Panel.


Contact information

Support officer: Timothy Andrew Email: (

Phone: 0208 31 47916