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Assembly fund voting


Evelyn Local Assembly Meeting


Date:               3rd February 2018

Time:             12.30-2.30pm

Venue:           Deptford Green School

Evelyn St, Deptford, London SE8 5RJ


Chair: Councillor Joyce Jacca



Assembly Fund Voting


The marketplace commenced at 12.30pm & closed at 1.20pm. The following organisations were short-listed for Assembly funding

~ Pepys Community Gardens               ~ Deptford Folk

~ 2,000 Community Action Centre       ~ Co-oPepys   

 ~Deptford Methodist Mission            ~ Inspiring Your Imagination


The voting was followed by the Assembly meeting



Summary of Meeting



1.   Welcome from Cllr Joyce Jacca


1.1      Cllr Joyce Jacca opened the meeting, welcoming residents. She announced that this was here last Assembly meeting as Cllr because she had not been re-elected to stand. The community thanked her for her work.



2. Sugar SMART Campaign

Danny Ruta, Head of Public Health, LB Lewisham


2.1    Danny explained that the cause of health problems is poverty. Until recently the biggest health problem was smoking, but this has recently been overtaken by (type 2) diabetes caused by obesity.


2.2    Children are now weighed and measured when entering reception & again in year 6 as they leave. This year in Lewisham 22% of children entering reception had a BMI that indicated that they are overweight or obese. By the time they get to year 6 it is 38% are that overweight or obese.


2.3    We know that most overweight& obese children become overweight & obese adults and the #1 contributor to this is sugar that is hidden in our food.


2.4    A third of teenagers’ sugar intake is from soft drinks. The recommended child’s daily sugar intake is 5tsp, one can of Coke contain 8tsp & one can of Ribena has 11tsp.

2.5    Adults aren’t measured, through surveys indicate that 60% of adults in Lewisham are likely to be overweight and it is predicted that by 2050 50% of British public will be obese.

2.6    German research institute estimates 50% of 10 year olds now will live to 103+ or more, however obesity is estimated to take 25 years away from a lifespan & around 7000 legs are amputated a year in Britain due to problems associated with diabetes. Sight loss & kidney disease are other common complications

2.7    The food industry is the main culprit as we are hard wired to see out sugar so it is almost impossible not to put on too much weight, because of the abundance of high fat/sugar foods that we are bombarded with.


2.8    About a year ago Lewisham joined Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart Campign.  All organisations and businesses involved with food in Lewisham were asked to join the campaign & make pledges to help reduce sugar & 90 organisations have already joined the campaign including 20 childminders & primary schools.


2.9  Followers include Bonus Pastor School in Downham which only serves water which was introduced by the pupils & Millwall Football Club became the first football club in the country who have a 10p sugar tax on sugar drinks at matches. The money raised then goes towards teaching football to primary school children. Goldsmith’s have become the latest organisation to join the campaign.


2.10 Danny asked residents to take part in a petition, lobby local businesses and sign a letter to support the Sugar Smart campaign.\



3. Update Evelyn200 Project

Trina Lynsky, Chair of DeptfordFolk


3.1    Cllr Jacca welcomed Trina to give an update from DeptfordFolk who are a constituted park-user group working with the community, the Council & their contractor for Deptford Park & Folkestone Gardens.


3.2    Trina explained that they are concerned with routes of access and the safety and accessibility of the whole area.

3.3    This year’s AGM will take place on 13th of February at Festa Sur Prato in Folkestone Gardens.

3.4    In 2016 we conducted a park user survey conducted to know what people wanted from their local area and 8 priorities were identified. These have been being addressed over the last year. Here is an update of where we are with these.


3.5    The playground in Folkestone Gardens is #1 priority, if children have nowhere safe to play in a ward with 43% child poverty, they will continue to be obese. If playgrounds are terrible, with ours only being worth 15 minutes of playtime, why bother coming from the top floor of a block and therefore need to be improved.


3.6    Folkestone Gardens pond has a broken liner. This will cost £75,000 to repair & a bid has gone in through Crowd Funder for this.


3.7    We have put in a funding bid from grant funding for seating and benches which was #2 priority and were awarded £40,000 from Veolia plus £10,000 match funding from Lewisham Council for Deptford Park. Finer details concerning benches and bins will be discussed at the AGM. One of the issues with benches of bins which were put in 10 years ago, need maintenance and bins are too small.

3.8    There are plans with Glendale to repair Deptford Park footpaths are ongoing. The path between railing and the middle of the park has just been upgraded and works are estimated to be finished by the middle of next year.

3.9    Safety and access is something that has been an issue since before Deptford folk was formed. Have been looking at opening up Canal Approach, introducing new pedestrian paths to parks and also a Rolt Road street to make continuous car free access to New Cross from the Surrey Canal. The partnership bid between Deptford Folk, Sustrans & Lewisham Council. £2.9 million has been awarded & full consultation will be undertaken over the next 6 months, more information at AGM.

3.10  Secret garden has been awarded £10,000 by GLA from Mayor of London, matched by another £10,000 from Lewisham Council. There have been a lot of problems with after-hours access to Deptford Park, burglary, ASB, drug use and continuous threat of redevelopment as the area was untended. There will be a small orchard and gate so that schools can use the area as a learning resource.


3.11  Events and activities: Evelyn 200 New Cross & Deptford Free Food Festival and seasonal events. Please sign up to the mailing list.

3.12  In December we were awarded the Mayor of Lewisham award for volunteering

3.13  Second Sunday cycle repair flyer are at the back. You can get your bike fixed and learn cycle repairs. Also before Christmas TfL came down to do consultation on Cycle Superhighway 4.


3.14 Liveable neighbourhood, which is the £2.9million bid. It will open up under Blackhorse Bridge, canal approach, making safer more accessible, reinstating the road blockage at Sir Francis Drake school. We are also looking at getting someone to speak to us about getting people better informed with how infrastructure works so they can respond from an informed viewpoint.

3.15  Rolt Street redesign project was shortlisted for Mayor of London Healthy Streets Award, before Christmas.


3.15  Evelyn200 to coincide with the 200th Anniversary of the first publishing of his diaries.5% was added to the child poverty figures in the ward last week which is twice the borough average. Add this to the lowest number of trees, lowest air quality with breached legal pollution limits. Poverty & deprivation are linked to low numbers of trees & poor access to play.

3.16  200 trees to be planted on the Evelyn ward, together with opportunities to learn more about trees & air pollution. Phase 1 is underway, 30 trees have been planted have been planted so far with a further 72 scheduled between now and end of April planting season. During the summer months from April to October there will be a series of free walks, talks and events.

3.17  The first tree was planted in Deptford Park with Lewisham Council & Deptford Park School. In addition there have been 11 street trees planted with Street Trees for Living & an orchard planted in Deptford Park with Deptford Park with Evelyn parent & the Play-Club.


3.18  There are 13 people doing the Big Half for trees. They will be running down Evelyn Street so cheer them on.


3.19  You can get involved by suggestions for tree planting locations, or running tree related events.


3.20  We will also be asking for water fountains in every park in Lewisham.


3.21  Cllr Jacca thanked Trina for the update.



4. Changes to Waste Management


4.1    Cllr Jacca stated that unfortunately there was no one available to attend to talk about the changes in waste however there is a leaflet that has been produce to explain them in more detail.



5. Co-oPepys & Pepys Community Library Update

Luciana Duialibe


5.1    Luciana introduced herself and explained that the library was only open for 15 hours per week and a lot of the space was taken up with storage so the community approach eco Communities who manage the space.


5.2    Volunteers agreed to run the library for extended hour and are now running event there too. It is open for everyone with an ethos of exchange.


5.3    On Monday there is an after school club & healing workshops on Thursday.


5.4    WE Women’s Circle is a weekly activity for women empowering women.

5.5 There will be a workshop for Chinese New Year in March, making cranes for good luck


5.6    17th February there is a Magic Book Theatre puppet show at 3pm and on 24th February a poetry exchange.


5.7    There will be an International Women’s day celebration on 8th March.


5.8    Finally working with Sayes Court CIC & John Evelyn and want to work with other. Please write a page to put into the new diaries.


5.9    Luciana brought up the S106 for Co-oPepys and that they are fighting to keep open so please come along.


5.10  Cllr Jacca clarified the situation.




Lori Minini, Chair Bence House TRA


6.1      Cllr Jacca introduce Lori Minini to tell the Assembly about EVEREST.


6.2      Lori explained that it stands for EVElyn REsidents’ STeering Forum bringing together the TRA & other residents’ associations in the ward. There are 7 TRAs represented at these meetings.


6.3      The first meeting was in December, with the second meeting being held last Wednesday. The group plan to meet every 2 months for at least the coming year.


6.4      The want to share their pride & heritage of the place they live and try to improve it, particularly communal and public spaces have been neglected.


6.5      Section 106 is money that new developers in the area have contributed to Lewisham Council to improve the infrastructure in the area (schools, community spaces, parks, pathways).

6.6      We have come together create a master plan will include the 3 most preferred projects from each TRA which are aimed to be submitted to Lewisham Council.

6.7      A bid has been submitted to Locality for £10,000 to help with the development of this work.


6.8      There is a partial master plan on the stall so please to come along to add to it & comment. You can also e-mail bencehousetra@gmail.com


6.8      Cllr Jacca thanked Lori for the update & encourage people to feed into the plan.


7. Results of the voting


7.1  Residents were asked to vote on the six shortlisted projects. To be successful the projects needed to garner at least 50% of the vote. The table below details the results.


Project No:

Organisation/project name:

Bid Value:

% Vote:




Deptford Folk  

Evelyn 200





2,000 Community Action Centre

Community Hub





Inspiring Your Imagination

Deptford Music Club





Pepys Community Forum

Art & the Garden





Eco Communities

WE Women’s Circle





Deptford Methodist Mission

Creative Activities





8. Community Updates, Q & A


8.1    Moira Kerrane from Evelyn Parents informed residents that the Play-Club in Deptford Park is open every day during the holidays. Lots of activities for children are run by the volunteers.


8.2    Moira is also the Chair of the Community Centre. There is a list of activities for all ages available & please drop into the centre on Thursdays or Fridays to find out more.


8.3    Keith Walton, Chair of Evelyn Estate TRA explained that there is a proposed development for high quality temporary housing in Evelyn Street. If this goes ahead, Lewisham Council are exploring investment in the MUGA & play equipment. Please speak to Keith for more information.


8.4    Malcolm Cadman gave an update but unfortunately it was inaudible due to background noise on the recording.



9.Summary and close


9.1    Cllr Jacca reminded people to fill in their feedback sheets. She thanked the community for attending and the stall holders for participating in the Assembly. There being no other business, she closed the meeting no declarations of interest.


Note: These are not verbatim minutes therefore questions and answers have been summarised.