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CCTV Sinclair Place

We the undersigned petition the council to Could we please have CCTV places along Sinclair place

Could the council please place CCTV along Sinclair place for the following reasons:
1) There are several groups of youths who come along our street to use it as a place to “party” this involves them playing loud music, shouting taking “drugs”... many canister of nitrous oxide left along the main road including with in the green areas along the road. Many times residents have had to call police to report this.
Many of the young people are also putting themselves in danger by coming into residential area within Sinclair place, and climbing along high fence and then jumping off from top of fence to go into the school next door so they can play football. The fence is over 2 meters long one day this might result in hospital admissions.
2) As mentioned before we are next to two schools and once things return to normal our street will get over loaded with traffic during drop off and pick up times this has caused several accidents. It also causes road blocks as there is little room to give way to traffic coming from opposite direction
3) Many residents in the past have found that some cars are coming, parking and staying in the cars for long hours during the night time ( cars parked late at night and same cars still there very early morning with occupants in them)
4) large items being dumped in the greenery along Sinclair Place
5) general littering through out the school term from the many cars that park along the street.
6) Safety of all our residents as many have to pass along street with these youths “partying” who have been threatening towards us as we pass by and we have felt at risk criminal threats from these people.

This ePetition ran from 11/08/2020 to 07/02/2021 and has now finished.

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