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Stop/Rethink proposed road closures at Manor Lane bridge, Dallinger Road, Holme Lacey Road.

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop the proposed changes as the only access point will be at the dangerous congested junction Manor Lane and Brownhill Road (South Circular). And also cuts Lee community in two.

As this will be only access to Industrial business park and Hither green rail depot, all commercial vehicles will use South Manor Lane,
Total inconvenience for local residence, being stuck in traffic on south circular which is already frequently gridlocked and making journeys much longer, adding more pollution.

This ePetition ran from 26/01/2020 to 29/02/2020 and has now finished.

242 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

LB Lewisham distributed an area wide letter drop in late January 2020, with details of the proposed trial scheme for the Lewisham and Lee Green Healthy Neighbourhood cell. This was followed by a community drop in session, attended by over 600 people, and a local assembly meeting in February 2020. Officers have been monitoring feedback received during these sessions and also emails received relating to the same matter. Officers have received many comments regarding the area adjacent to the Chiltonian Estate south of the railway and the potential impacts on vehicle movements on and off the south circular. As a result, officers are considering making a minor amendment to the trial scheme which repositions the two modal filters on Dallinger Road and Holme Lacey Road to the western end of both roads, subject to any comments from TfL. This would allow access to the south circular via Burnt Ash Hill rather than Manor Lane.

As outlined in our letter to residents, LB Lewisham is working closely with Transport for London to understand the impact on key junctions in the area and any potential mitigation measures that may be required, particularly for buses. The issue of the exit from Manor Lane onto the south circular has been raised and noted, and in the interim TfL have installed a ‘Keep Clear’ marking at this junction to enhance turning movements. Further measures may be introduced if considered necessary as a result of discussions with TfL. Once a trial has been agreed, TfL and council officers will be monitoring the situation closely, including undertaking traffic counts and air quality monitoring. The results from the monitoring will be made publically available.