Register of interests history

Councillor Sophie Davis
Compare with all previous submissions for date range 04/10/2022 - 29/03/2023

1. Please state your employment or business carried out or any Partnerships or Directorships?
Description of your employment activity Name of Employer or Body Added Removed

Please state the employment or business carried out by your spouse, civil partner or person you live as such

3. Do you receive payments to carry out your duties other than from the Council or towards election expenses ?
Name of Person or Body making Payments Added Removed
4. Do you have any interests in companies and securities?
Name of Company Added Removed
5. Do you have any contracts with the London Borough of Lewisham?
Description of Contract Added Removed
6. Do you have land or property in Lewisham?
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land Added Removed
7. Have you been appointed to Outside Bodies?
Name of Organisation Position Added Removed
8. Do you hold membership of Public Authorities?
Name of Authority Position Added Removed
9. Do you hold membership of Companies, Industrial/Provident Societies/Charities?
Name of Body Position Added Removed
10. Interests relating to Gifts and Hospitality
Gifts and Hospitality over £25 Registration of Gifts and Hospitality Added Removed
11. Related Party Transactions
Related Party Transactions Added Removed