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Supported Accommodation sites and leases

23/06/2023 - Supported Accommodation sites and leases

It was MOVED, SECONDED and RESOLVED that Mayor and Cabinet agree that:


1.   subject to the Secretary of State’s approval, the appropriation of the Lewisham Assessment and Recovery Site from the Housing revenue Account (HRA) to the general fund be approved and an application to the Secretary of State be authorised to consent to this appropriation.

2.  Permission be given to negotiate up to 30 year leases for the below sites:


2.1. subject to the Secretary of State’s consent to appropriate the site to the General Fund, Lewisham Assessment and Recovery Centre site to St. Mungo’s

2.2 Perry Vale supported housing site to Metropolitan and Thames Valley Housing Trust (MTVHT)

3.  Authority be delegated to the Executive Director for Community Services in consultation with the Director of Inclusive Regeneration and Executive Director for Corporate Resources and the Director of Law and Corporate Governance to agree the detailed lease terms and enter into the final form leases, provided where the rent is less than market value these fall within the General Consent