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CIL Governance Proposals

21/07/2023 - CIL Governance

It was MOVED, SECONDED and RESOLVED that Mayor and Cabinet:


1.    Approves the SCIL Governance proceedures which are set out in the report.


2.    Approves the allocation of SCIL to three projects, subject to detailed PIDS being submitted in regard to each;


·         Movement of the South Circular - £3,694,782

·         Works at Lewisham Play Tower - £265,600

·         Levelling up Fund (LUF) projects match fund requirement plus funding to enable additional elements to be delivered - £4,000,000


3.    Authorise Officers to review the prioritisation process after a year of implementation to ensure and make any necessary changes to the Project Prioritisation Forms.


4.    Note the legal and financial implications set out in Section 6 and 7.