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Determined Admissions Arrangements 2019-20

14/02/2019 - Determined Admissions Arrangements 2020-21

Having considered an officer report, and a presentation by the Cabinet

Member for School Performance and Children’s Services, Councillor Chris

Barnham, the Mayor and Cabinet agreed that:


(1) The admissions arrangements for mainstream community nursery,

primary, secondary schools and sixth forms as set out in Appendix A to G.


(2) The Published Admissions Number (PAN) for each mainstream school in

the borough as detailed in Appendix H including the reductions to the PAN for

Deptford Green and Holbeach schools be approved and the reduction

of PAN for St.George’s CE Primary School (an Academy) be noted;


(3) The pan London Admissions Schemes for reception and secondary

transfer and a local scheme for in year admissions be approved as detailed in

Appendix I.


(4) the council continues to co-ordinate in year admissions and a full

consultation exercise amongst all own admission authority schools be

undertaken during the autumn of 2019 on co-ordination arrangements which

will inform Lewisham’s admissions arrangements for 2021/22.