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Devolution Pilot and One Public Estate Update

19/07/2016 - Devolution Pilot and One Public Estate Update

Resolved: The Board made the following recommendations regarding the report:


·         Land made available under the One Public Estate (OPE) initiative needs to be assembled and packaged together in the most financially viable way.

·         The retention of capital receipts for reinvestment in health services is critical to the delivery of this initiative.

·         The bid should be explicit in stating that no land in Lewisham is ‘surplus land’.

·         Buildings should be utilised more flexibly and with shared running costs.

·         Cultural change and staff development needs to be considered as part of the OPE process.


5.1       Aileen Buckton outlined the work undertaken in relation to Lewisham’s devolution pilot and the relationship between the pilot and the One Public Estate initiative as set out in the report.


5.2       A strategic position statement is being developed on the devolution pilot and will be submitted to the London Health Board in July 2016. The final version of this statement will be circulated to HWB members for information outside of the scheduled meeting cycle for the Board.


5.3       The second stage bid to the OPE initiative must be submitted by 29 July 2016. If the second stage bid is successful, Lewisham will secure £500,000 to support the delivery of the programme. The respective governing bodies of the health and care partnership in Lewisham would then have to formally agree these proposals, most likely in September 2016.