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Committee details

School Admissions Forum

Purpose of committee

The Forum ensures that the interests of parents and pupils come first, and that certain principles are observed when admissions policies are proposed by governors.

Maintained mainstream schools in Lewisham are represented, as well as the Diocesan authorities who oversee faith schools.

The Forum is a non-statutory body whose role is to consider proposed and existing admissions arrangements and assess how well they serve the interests of local parents and children.

The Forum also monitors how admissions relate to published admissions numbers and reviews the comprehensiveness and accessibility of guidance for parents and the composite prospectus produced by the local authority.

Forum meetings

The Forum meets every term to:

·         consider existing and proposed admissions arrangements

·         promote agreement on admission issues

·         consider improvements to admissions processes

·         review admissions guidance for parents

·         promote agreement on arrangements for dealing with in-year admissions including for challenging and vulnerable pupils

·         publish advice representing the agreed views of the Forum, in the form of a leaflet which is distributed to the governors of all schools which are their own admission authorities.

The Forum works in partnership with local schools and has been very successful in simplifying admission arrangements and making them more accessible for parents.



  • Michael Barry   
  • Eddie Dove   
  • Robert Ellis   
  • Carol Jerwood   
  • Sharon Lynch   
  • Paul Maslin   
  • Elizabeth Newton   
  • Sharon Oliver   
  • Monsignor N Rothon   
  • Dave Sheppard   
  • Claudia Smith   
  • Lorraine Stewart   

Contact information

Support officer: Admissions and Appeals Team.

Phone: 020 8314 8282