Council meetings

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Updates from previous meetings

2.1             Planning issues                                                                        written reply

·     The Greyhound – public meeting 23 Sept

·     Enforcement issues

·     Progress on vacant sites


2.2           Highways issues                                                                        written reply

·     Station Approach

·     Traffic flow

·     Footbridge on Dacres Road


2.3       Refuse issues                                                                                 written reply

·     Letters to residents and traders

·     Jet spray high street


2.4       Skanska Street lighting issues                                                   written reply


2.5       Zanzibar Night Club – appeal hearing


2.1Planning Issues –

  • The Greyhound

Following the last Assembly meeting a meeting took place between Purelake, the owner/ developer of The Greyhound, Lewisham planners, representatives from the Sydenham Society, local residents and Hexagon Housing Association. 


The meeting was chaired by Cllr Chris Best and the various conditions were discussed.  The key point from the community was to ensure an A3/A4 use and to get a timetable agreed.


The latest information the planning officers have received from the developer is that they are getting the application submission together, which includes additional detailed drawing information to hopefully minimise the need for conditions beyond that which have been previously discussed but should enable a faster start on site in the event that planning permission is granted. They intend submitting a new planning application sometime after the 15th September 2014.


Given the complex nature of this scheme planning officers are seeking further legal advice and the proposal is to hold a separate meeting to discuss the whole situation.


It is also proposed that the Assembly refer this matter to the Mayor so that a full report can be discussed by the Mayor and Cabinet including what options are available to the Council to progress the rebuilding of The Greyhound.



The Assembly agreed the referral to the next available Mayor & Cabinet meeting.


The Sydenham Society then proposed and seconded the following motion which was passed with no-one voting against and 3 abstentions:

This Assembly will object to any new planning application for the Greyhound that does not contain a timetable for the rebuild of the pub and which does not limit Use Classes to A3/A4


  • Enforcement issues

There are a number of breaches of planning law in the high street including the removal of shop fronts. These matters are a low priority for the Council in accordance with the Council’s agreed planning enforcement priorities. However, a request has been made to ensure that new shop fronts comply with access requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act. 


  • Progress on vacant sites

Discussions are ongoing with the developer for 22a – 24 Sydenham Road and a

planning application is expecting very soon.  Work continues on 278 -280 Kirkdale

although it is unlikely to complete until into the New Year.


2.2 Highways issues                                                                                

  • Station Approach

The demolishing of the toilet block has been temporarily stopped by Network Rail.

The Council are waiting to hear from Network Rail and the contractor on when it can be resumed and completed.

Following this the new toilets will be installed and the paving around reset with yorkstone. The brickwork and planter bed will also be cleaned and restored.

Contact officer for Sydenham Road Improvement Scheme is Tom Henry – any queries to:


  • Traffic Flow

The Council has been informed that Transport for London has completed the traffic signal works. The Council has provided feedback concerning the delayed signals and build-up of traffic. This is currently being into by TfL- Contact officer


  • Footbridge on Dacres Road

Subject to the Council being able to enter into an Asset Protection Agreement

with Network Rail, then the main replacement of the span is planned to be

undertaken during the February 2015 half term period if possible.

The preparation works will be undertaken in night possessions and so will

take place in small stages, the main lift out of the existing structure and

installation of the new structure will entail a closure of about 2 weeks.

Contact officer is Tom Henry – any queries to:


·      Sydenham Road East Mayow Road to Kent House Road

The original construction works on the Sydenham Road East scheme has been completed. The Sydenham Town Centre paving pallet was extended to the start of the signalled junction with Kent House Road in 2013/14.


In 2014/15, the Sydenham Road East funding is for further improvements to the signalled junction with Kent House Road and this will be carried out along with TfL modernisation works.  This further budget for 2014/15 will fund some footway works, using traditional paving slabs, going eastwards from this junction, and also by the Bell Green gyratory where the existing footway condition is considered the poorest. This is planned for the Autumn and proposals have been consulted upon in July 2014.


Some further resurfacing is planned for late 2014 and this will be from the Kent House Road junction to tie in with the resurfacing carried out in Sydenham Road.  This resurfacing will be carried out after the completion of the adjacent footway works and the junction improvements.

Contact officer is Tom Henry


·        Summary of proposed LIP (Local Implementation Plan) Funding to Transport for London


Lower Sydenham neighbourhood – Park Frontage and Cycling/Pedestrian


£79k for 15/16 and £150 for 16/17

Feasibility study and part implementation of local area improvements around the Lower Sydenham/ Home Park area. The scheme is expected to include enhancements to the area of Sydenham Road adjacent to Home park and also pedestrian and cycle routes between Sydenham Road / Home Park and Lower Sydenham Station. It is recommended that £79k of funding be used in 2015/16 for surveys, development work and other pre-construction requirements such as Traffic Management Orders.


Bell Green Gyratory Improvements

The Bell Green gyratory currently creates a relatively unattractive environment

and severance in the local area which is exacerbated by queuing traffic. The

adjacent rail over-bridge to the east of Bell Green also offers a very poor environment for the passage of pedestrians with only a single narrow footway.


The gyratory comprises 5 sets of signals from the junction of Perry Rise/Perry

Hill until Southend Lane/Worsley Bridge Road. Bell Green, Southend Lane

(A2218) and Stanton Way which make up the gyratory are London Distributor

roads. The gyratory is included in the borough’s Emergency Services Priority

Route Network and lies along the routes of buses 181, 352, 202, 194, 356 and



Although the project is still within its feasibility stage the following interventions

are likely to feature in the final scheme proposals:

• Linking all of the traffic signals around the gyratory to improve traffic

flows and reduce congestion.

• Provide and improve pedestrian crossings at the signal junctions

Create a new controlled crossing facility in Stanton Way.

• Public realm improvements throughout including new trees and street


• Possibility of a new pedestrian and cycle link through the railway

embankment to the north of Southend Lane.

• Minor widening of the existing southern footway under the bridge to

1,200mm (4ft)


There is significant funding identified for the Bell Green site from the S106, for

“Accessibility” works around the gyratory with further additional funding to be

secured upon further developments in the site area. In addition LIP funding is

being utilised for the feasibility stage. The current scheme proposals fit in well

with the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy goals particularly contributing

to the better streets agenda. It will improve road safety and make accessibility

improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people.


It also fits in with the nearby proposed LIP schemes for Sydenham town

centre and Sydenham Road east. Also recent highway improvement schemes

have been carried out in the Perry Rise to Catford Hill Corridor and in

Southend Lane.


Kirkdale/Dartmouth Road – Local Shopping Centre Improvements

£10k for 15/16, £100k for 1/17 and £200k for 17/18

This scheme involves working with the local shops /businesses to make

improvements to the local shopping area at Kirkdale (j/w Dartmouth Road).

The main aim of this scheme is to improve the pedestrian realm and

accessibility to help regenerate the shopping area. The work will include a

review of local cycling facilities and parking. Bus stops in the vicinity of the

works will be brought up to Bus Stop Accessibility standards. It is

recommended that £10k of funding be used in 2015/16 for surveys and development work.


Dartmouth Road North– Pedestrian Environment improvements - £300k for 15/16 and £300 for 16/17

Dartmouth Road forms one of Forest Hill’s two high streets. The public realm

environment in the northern section of Dartmouth Road is poor with illegal night time footway parking, unsightly street furniture, a number of vacant shops, a perception of inadequate lighting and anti-social behaviour. Initial

funding was allocated for 2013/14 to investigate options by undertaking a

feasibility study, consultation and designs to allow the development of

proposals for a future programme of works. It is currently expected that the

majority of the works will centre on the section of Dartmouth Road between its

junction with the A205 and the Forest Hill Pools and library area, seeking to

further enhance the public realm improvements resulting from the rebuilding of

the pools. Development work on this scheme commenced in 2014/15 and it is

recommended that £300k of funding is used in 2015/16 to continue development and commence implementation.


2.3       Sydenham waste improvement strategy


  • Collection arrangements and keeping the pavement clean and tidy

Refuse provide a daily collection service in the high street. Reminder letters regarding the collection times are being provided on a quarterly basis because of the turnover of tenants living above the shops. We are trying to ensure the pavement remains free of bags – pink bags are for the commercial waste and orange bags for the domestic.  All waste should be bagged to prevent staining of the new pavement.

A pavement jet wash was carried out at the end of June in advance of the Sydenham Arts Festival.  There is funding from the Sydenham Assembly Fund to jet wash on a periodic basis for the remainder of this year.


·        Hot spots


Earlsthorpe Mews (un-adopted road)


A lack of residential waste bins to address waste needs of residents living above the shops on a small stretch of Sydenham  high road, and the alleged misuse of residential bins by commercial businesses.

Action taken

Council removed the small black bins serving these residents replacing them with four big blue bins.


A significant improvement to the waste issues experienced on the Mews; less waste overflow since there is sufficient volume for the bins to store larger quantities of waste.

Ongoing matters

There are still some issues remaining.  Councillor Onikosi is currently working with concerned residents to better identify the issues and find the best resolution.


Tannsfeld Road


(i) Poor waste management at the top end of Tannsfeld Road (j/w Sydenham High Road) concerning the flats above shops on the High Road and nearby business premises.

(ii) Persistent fly-tipping

Action taken

Council officers attended the street speaking to residents and businesses about keeping waste bins at the rear of the flats (where there is sufficient space to do so) rather than causing an unpleasant look on Tannsfeld Road especially when the bins overflow.

Further action taken: officers attended for a second time letting the estate agents (that manage some of the flats) know that enforcement action could be taken if residents do not adhere to keeping bins in the identified location.

Waste has been cleared

Ongoing matters

Council officers will be monitoring Tannsfeld Road twice a week. 


·        General waste issues

Residents should be aware of the Love Lewisham Application which should be utilised to report fly-tipping in your areas. Please see further details on the council website-


Love Lewisham App to your mobile -

Green Garden waste collection service

The Council offers the collection of green waste within 10 days. Sacks are £10 for 10 and they can be purchased via council site or from some libraries. Please see


·        Serious problems waste/flytip

Contact or 07875094513.


·        Enforcement

Following complaints the Clean Streets (Enforcement) Team visited the high street recently to look at the mobile phone kiosks and issued a fixed penalty notice of £100 to 5 Sydenham Road for breach of forecourt licensing conditions.  The mobile phone kiosk at 38 – 40 does have a forecourt licence and is able to trade mobile phones.    


The unlicensed sale of fruit & veg also resulted in a fixed penalty notice of £150 to a shop in Kirkdale. 


2.4       Skanska Streetlighting issues                                                   


Side two of Bishopsthorpe Road will commence in the next few days, Earlsthorpe is all completed apart from the removal of one old column, Dukesthorpe we have columns 3 & 4 left to connect, Queensthorpe is currently scheduled for 29/09/2014, Kingsthorpe is currently scheduled for 05/11/2014, and Princethorpe is yet to have a date scheduled, although we expect the whole of Sydenham to be completed by the end of the year.


Christmas lights will continue to be provided as part of the PFI contract from Cobbs Corner to Mayow Road. The Assembly set aside funds last year for a Christmas event in the high street that includes lighting up the Christmas tree.  It is hoped that the tree will once again be sponsored by a local business.


2.5       Zanzibar Night Club – appeal hearing


Two public meetings have taken place on the 23 July and 14 August and the Appeal hearing is on the 16 – 19 September.


The conclusion from both meetings was that a night club with a capacity for 890 and a licence until 5am in not compatible with a residential area with a limited supply of car parking.  The sound proofing works carried out inside the building still give leakage to the neighbours and the noise created by patrons leaving at 5am is not able to be controlled – now across a wider residential area because of the prevention of illegal and double parking along Kirkdale.  Those that do come by public transport hang around waiting for the first train back to London at 6.55am to Canada Water on the Overground Line on a Sunday morning.  The off licence is open at 6am so more intake of alcohol is available.    


Residents stated that the noise has got worse since the end of May and there are concerns with the frequency of most Saturday nights and every other Friday.  One of the key concerns is that the venue is not well patronised by local residents – from what was said most of the clientele come by car from across London when the other clubs close at 2am.


A key concern with the lack of parking is that barriers are put across the top of Spring Hill to prevent access to the rear area as it is a cull de sac – Peak Hill Avenue on the left hand side is a no through road and cars have parked across driveways.  At the meetings residents from further up Kirkdale said they had been disturbed in the middle of the night on Collingtree Road and Peak Hill and could not get back to sleep. 


One of the comments was that “it was like living in a war zone” with all the barriers on Kirkdale outside the night club making it difficult to access the bus stop plus the barriers on Spring Hill were blocking the public highway – residents want to live in peace and quiet enjoyment of their homes not in an unsafe and noisy environment.      


At the Licensing Committee in March John Wright said that he was having meetings with Belinda Lester, Louise Brooks and Jonathan Kaufman to develop a business model that could work 7days a week with a licence until 2am. The new owner has been quite clear that it is a business model that will only work with a 5am licence.   


The conclusion from many residents is that they were prepared to compromise on a 2am licence if the night club was well managed and attracted a more diverse audience than at present – however some residents are wanting the current night club closed because of the inability to control the activities of patrons in a residential area by the management of club alongside the increase in late night noise since the end of May.


Following this, Cllr Best reported that the appeal has now been withdrawn and the 2 am licence will need to be endorsed by Bromley Magistrates next Tuesday 16 September when the new timing will take effect.

A resident commented that anti social behaviour still needs to be monitored even if the licence has been changed to 2 am and asked neighbours to keep logs of any nuisance and disturbance. 

Contactofficer is