Council meetings

Agenda item

Presentation on Sydenham Road improvements.


Tom Henry from Highways with Jill and Steve from Riney’s were present to pick up on any issues from Sydenham Road and to present the map to outline the work that will be carried out further down the road. See Pamphlet Drawing and letter to residents Documents


Tom Henry, Engineering manager LBL ,stated that there has been approval for extension works with Riney’s w3hich will take place over the next 3-4 months. Skanska will be working with UK power networks connections and disconnections in regards to lamp columns and once the connections are made the old lamp columns will be removed.


17 trees are to be planted in November. There are proposals for planting on the roundabout which is due to be completed by the end of September.


Skanska’s work is almost complete except for the works on Station Approach. The last element of Station Approach wasn’t completed because of an issue with the toilets, wall and the small planting station that  wasn’t transferred over to the council. Tom has been chasing this and is hoping for progress to book in with Network Rail Track possessions to remove these and finalise the work including ordering the new toilet and finishing the demolition and paving.


There will also be legible London signs installed by Transport for London’s contractors.


Steve from JB Riney thanked the residents, businesses, stakeholders, and Lewisham Council for the cooperation and the support for the works to be completed on time. They also expressed that it was a pleasure to work in Sydenham and are looking forward to starting the extension works.


Steve commented on the black tarmac and said that this was temporary until the trees were planted, and was the same case for the black tarmac around Sydenham which is for the connections to be made for the lamp columns.


Urban Design London will be doing an inspection on the 4th October and walking around Sydenham high street to see how the industry perceives the scheme. Urban Design have expressed a roaring success and are looking to extend the Street scaping in Sydenham to other areas in London.


Steve added there is a letter going out showing the proposal map of the extension works. Riney will be doing the pavement works until the end of January. 


Steve asked that any comments feedback and suggestions people have should be addressed to himself to action immediately.


Residents Feedback:


·  The steps outside the building are hard to see in the dark.

·  More signage is needed.

·  Chewing gum marks are spoiling the new paving. There should be a look into finding a jet washer to share between wards to be used on the chewing gum.

·  The traffic around Sydenham has increased vastly, and may be issues around the traffic lights.

·  There should be a yellow box junction with cameras on the roundabout to alleviate the traffic flow so cars are not blocking one another.

·  The residents thanked Tom Henry and Riney’s on the scheme. They expressed that in order for the scheme to be a success the traffic and signals should be sorted out in order to see the real benefits.

·  It is hoped from the residents that despite the extension works, they be extended further.

·  The pot holes around Sydenham are disrupting to the residents and needs to be addressed immediately as has been an issue for 6 years.


Cllr Chris Best thanked Tom and Riney’s for attending the meeting and will give an update in the meeting in November on how far the works have got.