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Integrated Adult Care Programme


Aileen Buckton, Executive Director for Community Services, LBL, presented the Programme Initiation Document for the Integrated Adult Care Programme and sought agreement on the scope of the programme, the proposed deliverables and the arrangements to take this work forward.


Aileen Buckton updated the Board on the status of the bid submitted to the Department of Health to become a Pioneer in health and social care integration.  The National Partners informed the Council at the end of October that Lewisham’s bid was not included in the final selection but stated that they hoped that Lewisham would continue to benefit in some way from the wider programme of support planned.


Aileen Buckton explained that £4.9m is available from the Integration Transformation Fund to support Lewisham’s integration programme in 2013-14.  In 2014-15, additional monies are proposed and Lewisham’s total allocation is expected to be in the region of £5.9m. The specific amount to be transferred to Lewisham for 2015-16 has not yet been announced. The Board was asked to approve the budget for 2013-14. Detailed discussions are currently taking place between the CCG and the Council, and a proposal regarding the 2014-15 budget will be presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board for approval in January.


Next steps include:


·         Leads and project groups for each of the proposed workstreams to be established.

·         Each workstream to develop a project plan, ensuring that existing projects are aligned under the appropriate workstream.

·         The Adult Integration Programme Board (AIPB) to identify critical dependencies to ensure that projects are prioritised appropriately.

·         The AIPB to ensure that a robust evaluation framework is in place for the programme.

·         A communications plan to be developed.

·         Each project group to provide regular progress reports to the AIPB, the Health and Wellbeing Board and other key stakeholder boards.

·         Detailed financial modelling will be undertaken as part of the programme.


The following points were highlighted in the discussion:


·         The majority of resources from the Integration Transformation Fund (ITF) do not represent new money. ITF funding will be performance-related.

·         The approach to integration needs to be understood and reiterated by partners including GPs in order to achieve culture change among professionals and residents. 

·         The programme needs to establish a whole system approach to achieve sustainable and cost effective change.

·         The Government has identified a set of indicators to measure performance. Local measures will be developed to capture benefits of the preventative programmes.

·         The benefits of healthy living should be publicised for Lewisham’s residents through agreed common messages.

·         Integration will remain on the Board’s agenda for the next 2-3 years.


The Board:


·         Agreed the Programme Initiation Document and noted the proposed next steps to take this work forward.


·         Secured commitment from member organisations to engage with each workstream as and when necessary.


·         Agreed the expenditure schedule to be submitted to NHS England regarding the spend in 2013/14.


·         Noted the unsuccessful outcome of the Pioneer bid.


Agreed that the Adult Integration Programme Boardwould map the structures and strategies in place at the start of the programme.


Please note: In the Autumn Statement, the Integration Transformation Fund was re-named the ‘Better Care Fund’.


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