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Lee Green Assembly 22 November 2012 Minutes











Thursday 22 November 2012  7.30pm – 9.30pm

Trinity Church of England Secondary School

Taunton Road, London SE12



Record of Meeting









Welcome, Introduction & Format of meeting





Cllr Sven Griesenbeck welcomed everyone to the meeting and went through the format of the meeting.





Downgrading services at Lewisham Hospital





The meeting was made aware of the threat of closure to the Accident and Emergency and maternity units at Lewisham Hospital. A series of public consultation meeting on the proposed change where people can present their views on the matter is planned by the administrators. A petition opposing the proposed closure has been set up Heidi Alexander MP. Copies of the petition can be obtained online on . Paper copies are available at the meeting. People can also respond to the consultation by accessing or request hard copies of the response form by calling the Freephone number on 0800 953 0110. The consultation will close on 13th December 2012.


A demonstration march in protest of the cuts is being organised by save Lewisham Hospital campaign on Saturday 24 November in Central Lewisham. People are encouraged to attend the march.






Assembly priorities Update
























































































Works around the revival of the Leegate Centre continues. The Leegate working group has met with St Modwen’s to discuss the redevelopment proposal for the regeneration of the centre.  The proposal includes a big ASDA store which they see as a magnet to enable them regenerate the shopping centre. The working group continues to look at ways to respond to the proposal issued by St Modwen’s. Some of the issues they have already logged includes the way by which the proposed development goes against quite a number of the Council’s planning guidelines for district centre. One of the main issues relates to the size and scope of the supermarket which it is envisaged would impart upon trades in the smaller shops and the open spaces currently at the centre. The working group recommends a reduction in the space proposed for the supermarket from 35,000sqm to 25,000sqm with back office and storage housed on the first floor.


It was explained that the Council’s guidelines expressly requires any development to look at ways to improve the use of existing open spaces instead of their removal and the currently plans is seen not to be in compliance with this regulation. Another issues raised was in regards to the existing high rise structure located at corner of the crossroad on Eltham Road. It is proposed that that the building would be refurbish and turn into mixed development. It was also noted that no significant traffic impact assessment has been conducted. A meeting with the owners took place on 20th November where all these concerns and many others were highlighted.


Whilst the scheme has now sustained interest from a hotel chain, Gym provider and a learning centre to help mix the retail development, St Modwen’s are yet to address the concerns raised by the working group. As a way forward, the working group has requested to meet with Officials from ASDA to put their concerns directly to them.


Lee Green Lives / Youth Provision

Lee Green Lives continue to run the community centre where the youth club use as a base. There are plans in the new year to run computer classes at the centre. The annual Christmas party to thank everyone who had volunteered and supported both provisions  will take place on Tuesday 18 December from 3.30 to 6.30pm. A funding application to run a youth drama as a tool to support young people in the community in the light of the recent murder on Burnt Ash Road is being presented to the Assembly at the meeting.


Controlled parking

Responses from the parking consultation conducted by the Council in September has now been compiled and presented to the Sustainable Development Committee at a meeting on 1November. The result showed that there was considerable support for the two hours option. Officers has acknowledged that a flexibility approach will have to be included in any proposal presented to the Mayor on parking. It is possible that any future consultation questionnaire would include a question on a two hour option. People can view the preliminary result of the consultation on the Council website. A full report with recommendation is due to be presented to Council Sustainable Development Committee on 11 December. In the meantime, the working group meeting planned for November has been moved to 5 December when the full report is expected to be published. This will allow the working group to prepare responses to the report.  Meanwhile, there are no proposal put forward by officers for an increase in current parking charges.


Environment (Manor Park building & bridge)

The recent improvements to Manor Park were highlighted. The funding from the Assembly has enabled the refurbishment of the disuse building in the park which now boost a newly installed  glass doors covering the two arc from severe weather condition. Other improvements saw the opening of a new pedestrian bridge in the Summer, linking Hither Green Station with Lee High Road. The community room in the middle of the room is now is now functional and is available for use by community groups and local schools. Further information on booking can be obtained from Andrea at the end of the meeting.  











Police Safer Neighbourhood update





















Police ward priorities for Lee Green remain the same. These are burglary, motor vehicle theft and antisocial behaviour.  In terms of burglary, the crime statistics for the three months period ending in October 2013 shows a reduction in incident from 46 cases recorded in the same months last year to 25 this year. This figures comprises of burglary and attempted burglary in both residential and commercial premises.. A new trend attributed to some of the reported cases are the from incidents reported on the Leybridge and Newstead Estates emanating from the newly installed UPVC doors. These types of doors can be easily opened from outside through the letterbox if they are not locked with keys. The team continue to offer regular patrol and advise to residents on both estates.


With regards to motor vehicle crimes, offences includes theft of motor vehicle and from motor vehicle and criminal damage to motor vehicle. In the equivalent period last year, there were 42 incident reported in Lee Green. This has gone down to 23 this year. The main crimes associated to this are theft of number plates and sat navigator being taken. People are asked to take proper care not to leave any valuable items in their cars and to invest in tamper proof screws on number plates. The team held a free number plate replacement screw a few months back and this exercise proved very popular.


Although robbery and drug offences are not a priority for the area, there were 20 incidents reported last year which includes street mugging and robbery in commercial premises. This year has seen a reduction in these types of offences to 8. There were 13 recorded drug offences last year. This has gone down to 12 this year. It is useful to note that most drug offences are police generated emanating from  vehicle or persons stop and search exercise in the area.







Assembly funding bids presentation





































Lee Manor Society – Trees planting project

The society submitted a proposal to plant six trees in Brightfield and Lampmead Road in recognition of the area as a conservation area. An amount of £1,440 is required from the Assembly fund to deliver this project.


Manor Lane Terrace Resident Group

The Manor Lane Terrace Resident are seeking £1,020 from the Assembly fund to plant three trees along Manor Lane Terrace. It is envisaged that the resident will commit to the maintenance of the trees thereafter.


Manor House Library

The library requires £2,833.30 to install a display and community notice board in the grounds of Manor House Gardens. It is hoped that this project will allow the library to display its opening hours and attract users of the gardens and the café to the various activities and events it offers. Many local group will also benefit from this project as the notice board will offer a space to publicise events and activities happening locally.


Manor Park User Group

The Manor Park User group are seeking £3,700 from the Assembly fund to purchase furniture, wash hand basin and install additional power points for the community room in the newly refurbished building in Manor Park. It envisaged that the funding will increase the room use beyond its present usage for primary school work. Part of the fund would also be used for the improvement of river access in Manor Park.


Lee Green Lives

This project is seeking £2,580 from the Assembly fund to run a series of workshops to support young people following the murder of Kevin Ssali outside the local Sainsbury’s store. It is hoped that learning acquired from this workshop would see young people developing mutual respect and understanding to reflect and relate to each other and adults around them in their local community. The result and learning from the project can be taken further into schools where a discussion could start on this subject. The project has already received a seal of approval from local schools and youth club and the Jimmy Mizen family whose son was murdered on Burnt Ash Road a few years back.





Break / Refreshment





Funding bids voting process




The processes for the selection of projects to receive assembly funding was explained to the meeting. The yellow voting form provided in the meeting pack whould be used to score individual project. Project will be scored between 1 to ten.  With 10 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest score. Scores recorded for each project will be added up and the projects with the highest score will receive funding.


An amendment to the sum of bids received was announced. The correct amount should be £11,373.30. Also the Manor House external signage bid should read £2,833.30 after the deduction of the VAT.





Community groups Update


























The Lee Manor Society

The meeting received an updates from the chair of the Lee Manor Society about the group’s activities in the area. The  society was formed in 1976 to stimulate interest for the conservation area. The main aim of the society are mainly to encourage people to play an active part in the conservation of the designated areas and work with others to improve the built and natural environment in and around the conservation area. The group participate in the planning process proposed in the area, suggesting or opposing amendments to planning applications in order to maintain or enhance the character of the area. The area covered by the conservation society stretches from Old road down to Lee Station, to Manor Lane and Burnt Ash Road.


The society meets every month at a member’s home. New members are always welcomed. Details about becoming a member and the dates of their meetings can be accessed on the society website.


Lee Manor Community Garden

The Lee Manor Community garden was established in the spring of 2011. The garden is located at the rear of 94 Burnt Ash Road. The entrance to the garden is on Micheldever Road. The first gardening session was held in March 2011 when a group of enthusiastic community gardeners helped build raised beds. Regular planting and crop harvesting has begun from then. In September this year, the community garden group participated in the London wide Capital Growth Edible Gardens Open Day. Over 45 people visited the garden to look around, discuss and compare vegetable growing methods and tips. 





Voting result





The results of the votes taken by 91 attendees on each of the projects was recorded  as follows:


Lee Green Lives “Safe on our street youth project” -  658 scores

Manor Park User Group park improvement project - 609 scores

Manor House Library External signage and community notice board – 447 scores

Manor Lane Terrace Resident street tree planting project – 362 scores

Lee Manor Society  street trees planting project – 360 scores.





Declaration of interest





No interest was declared at this meeting.