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Catford South Resident Association Updates


Culverley Green RA

The Chair of the Culverley Green residents association gave a brief update on the activities currently going on in the resident association and on the green. During the last two years CGRA have worked on the Green trying to improve it. They have through bids, renovated planters and are in the process of having a new planter installed together with an accessible bench.

CGRA  have had plant sales and had their summer /jubilee fair

CGRA are planning to have our usual Easter egg hunt on the Green on Easter Sunday. We now have two book boxes in the area, one on Arran Road and one on Inchmery Road. They are about to install one on the Green Itself.  Ms Richardson thanked a resident called Alice who had built the boxes.

The CGRA also hope to have BYO coronation picnic on the green in May and a summer Fair later on, as well as the usual pumpkin competition and Autumn tidy up.

Together with the Ravensbourne RA members of CGRA have taken part in litter picks in the two areas as well as Forster Park.

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Chair of the CRA Lorraine Joseph did a brief presentation and showed attendee slides of photographs community engagement events. She reminded attendees that the CRA was formed in 2010, to bring the community together and to keep the library within the local community and to get the healthy lifestyle centre on Abbotshall Road up and running. The CRA achieved those goals and since then have worked more in community events.

Last year the organisation ran the successful CorbFest event and that bought families together and connected people to their community better. The CRA get no funding, so whenever the put on any events, they pay the money back into the community. Last year the CRA made donations to the Ella Roberta Foundation, to the food bank, to Taunton school and the Lewisham donation hub.

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Ravensbourne RA

Chair of the Ravensbourne resident association gave a presentation about the are of the ward their association covers and work of the RA. She explained their current priorities including monitoring HMOs, parking and traffic, planting trees and community clean ups.

She reiterated that they were a small group and have recently lost a few key members through illness and people moving away. At a recent members meeting around 30 people attended and all agreed that they definitely wanted to keep the RRA going, Mrs Smith did a call out for anyone interested who wants to get involved as a general member or to be part of the committee she would be very keen to hear from people.


Conisborough RA

Paul Casey from The Conisborough Resident Association provided an update to attendees about their RA, Their RA covers the part of the ward that is New to Catford South after the boundary changes and used to be in the Whitefoot Ward. The RA is very informal and quite small at the moment, covering about 45 homes but are looking to expand. The residents mostly work together through WhatsApp. During lockdown they were able to support residents. Achievements included working closely with local ward councillors to raise funds for security gates in an area that had crime and anti social behaviour and this has seen a reduction in burglaries, they also worked hard to canvass local opinion on the Low Traffic Neighbourhood.

Their priorities include trying to tackle Fly-tipping issues, raising awareness of HMO issues, working with the Friends of Forster Park user group and traffic issues. Paul welcomed people living in the Conisborough area to get in touch with him and find out more about the group.