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Community updates


Sydenham Community Safety update


PC Charlotte Homshaw, from the Sydenham Safer Neighbourhoods Team presented on the Sydenham Ward Panel Survey which received 200 responses, the best ward response in the borough. This will be used to work out hot spots and ward priorities.

Follow @mpssydenham on Twitter for updates. The police team will be staying for the Fun Palace market place for any specific issues and queries.


Brasted Close Housing allocations


Janet Emmanuelle is a community organiser for Lewisham Citizens (LC) and on the board for Community Land Trust. 11 homes being built at the moment at Brasted Close called Citizens House, Unity Way, SE26. The project began with a listening campaign with LC members asking what is most important to them. Affordable homes came top of the list and led to the 2014 start of meetings with the council re development of Community Land Trust homes. Land gifted to Lewisham Citizens came from disused garages. 6 x 2 bedroom homes for £272,500 and 5 x 1 bedroom homes for £215,000 available. Whole process involving resident’s steering committee and architects. Applications open on 28th September until 26th October. Workshop in Sydenham go to for more information.


Q: Will the money be invested in further social housing? A: Yes


Q: What about resale? A: Owners must sell it back to Community Land Trust


Q: Are their clauses to prevent people from buying them and then renting out? A: Yes, there is a model for this in other areas and all these rules have been put in place. London community land trust will be monitoring the situation.



Housing schemes on site and in the pipeline


Planning permission for has been granted for five new homes on the garage site in Elderton Road. More information in the Community Update.


Homes are being built in Silverdale and Grace Path.  There are plans for Markwell Close and Hensford Gardens.


Q: Why is a community garden at Markwell Close being cleared for development? A: Cllr Best commented that this is still not decided and being explored by Lewisham Homes.  We are facing a housing crisis and affordable housing is badly needed in the area.


Q: Why has the Willow Way site been empty for so long?

A: Cllr Curran will again chase this and last heard that it had been lined up for the next phase. This is a mixed use scheme with light industrial use. This will be followed up for the next assembly.


Comment that buildings should be refurbished, reconditioned in light of climate change and carbon gas emergency. Disappointed to see Mais house on Sydenham Hill going to be demolished.


Comment on the fact there is a lot of infill housing going on. Not very good quality housing and increasing anti-social behaviour. Markwell Close in particular is experiencing problems. Cllr Best urged residents to report any crime or anti-social behaviour to the police who are in the meeting.


Modal Filters on Silverdale and Bishopsthorpe Road


Comment that we need a proper resident consultation on whether the planters on Silverdale and Bishopsthorpe Road should be removed. Highways will be looking at the comments and plans for further feedback. Road safety and Mayow Road need consideration, including a serious collision two weeks ago. Also the impact of closing off Adamsrill at school peak hours. Comments on traffic calming measures can be added to Commonplace at



Bell Green Neighbourhood Forum


Liam Curran and Julia Webb reported on the establishment of the Bell Green Neighbourhood Forum, which is producing a Local Plan. The forum has its next meeting coming up. The area includes part of Sydenham ward, Perry Vale and a large section of Bellingham ward. Looking for funds to naturalise the river, to improve Linear and Southend parks. Sydenham Society has worked with Discourse Architecture to produce a plan as a starting point.


Additionally Livesey Memorial Hall is at risk of being sold by the current owners Kier. It is Grade II listed and includes the old tennis courts/bowls area.  Lewisham Council have recognised the Livesey as an Asset of Community Value. 


Grove Centre


A report was given on the activities are all back up and running at the Grove Centre and the success of delivery meals during the pandemic.


Friends of Sydenham Library


Cllr Liam Curran is the Chair of the Friends and gave an update on the need for more volunteers to ensure the library can continue to open on a regular basis. V22 run the building but rely on volunteers to help run the library – Lewisham Council provide outreach and refresh the book stock.  


Sydenham Library is now back to a full service. V22 aims to extend opening hours opening hours will be as follows: Mon, Thurs, Fri 10 – 5, Tues 10 - 7pm, Sat 10 – 4.

Much work has been done on the library roof although it will not be completed until there is conclusive proof the library is watertight.




James gave an update on the programme and on the success of the recent Sydenham Artists Trail over two weekends including the use of this hall at The Sydenham Centre.


Spontaneous Productions


Jonathan gave an update on Sinbad playing in October, starting 9/10 October and running for three consecutive weekends on Saturday and Sunday at the Sydenham Centre.

Spontaneous is also always looking for volunteers. Please email if interested.


James Ross Hunter Youth Support (JRHYS)


JRHYS has been working with the youth engagement team at Catford police to provide an enrichment day in schools as well as support networks for families. The last Tuesday of every month there is a sip and talk at TNG

Sydenham Community Project

Alex gave a shout for the fundraising towards transforming our high street Christmas lights and is running a lucky dip after the meeting. This year we should enjoy a much more festive high street. Our next goal is to install sockets and lighting at Kirkdale and Dartmouth Road and hope to accomplish that for Christmas 2022.