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Budget Cuts


That the report was noted.


6.1       Pinaki Ghoshal, Director of Children and Young People’s Services introduced the report to the committee. During the subsequent discussion, the following key points were made:

·         Members of the Committee stated that they were really pleased to see that the Fairer Lewisham Duty was being acted on in the equalities considerations of savings proposals.

·         On-going analysis of the impact of the cuts to free swimming provision were taking place. Initial analysis showed the largest group effected were the 60-64 age group, many of whom were still in employment. Consideration had to be made to where was most appropriate for the Council to place subsidies. The swimming subsidies for disabled residents would be continuing.

·         Effectively measuring impact of cuts was challenging. It was important to identify areas to protect and then look at areas that were less impactful for vulnerable residents. Oversight by the Corporate Equalities Board supported this process.

·         The report and appendix 8 were analysed through the equalities framework and over a period of time. If concerns of cumulative impacts were raised then mitigation measures were sought.

·         Members of the committee were pleased that in appendix 8 there was an assumption that an Equalities Analysis Assessment should always be carried out if any doubt.


6.2       RESOLVED:


That the report be noted.

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