Council meetings

Agenda item

Approval of the draft Local Plan for public consultation


Councillor Paul Bell, Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning moved that

the recommendations be approved and this was seconded by Councillor 

McGeevor, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport. Following a 

contribution from Councillor Suzannah Clarke and a response by the mover, it

was then unanimously:


RESOLVED that the following documents be approved for statutory public



(a) Draft Lewisham Local Plan - Regulation 18 stage “main issues and

preferred approaches” document (Appendix 1) and the corresponding

Proposed Schedule of Changes to the Policies Map (Appendix 2)


(b) Interim Integrated Impact Assessment (IIA) (Appendix 3a) and IIA Non-

technical Summary (Appendix 3b) and Habitats Regulations Assessment

(Appendix 4)


(c) Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) (Appendix 5)



The meeting closed at 9.33pm

Supporting documents: