Council meetings

Agenda item

Statement of Council Accounts


Councillor Amanda De Ryk, the Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources,

moved that the recommendations be approved and this was seconded by

Councillor James Rathbone, Chair of Audit Panel. Following a contribution

from Councillor Alan Hall, Councillor Amanda De Ryk agreed to a suggestion

that the Audit Panel receive a report on exit packages and it was then





(1) the adjustments to the financial statements in the Audit Findings Reports

be noted;


(2) the Action Plans set out in the reports be approved;


(3) the Letters of Representation on behalf of the Council be approved;


(4) the Annual Governance Statement (AGS) be approved;


(5) the 2019/20 audited Statement of Accounts (including Main accounts,

Group accounts and Pension Fund accounts) be approved; and


(6) delegated authority be given to the Executive Director for Corporate

Resources approval to make final adjustments to the Statement of Accounts if

required by Grant Thornton, prior to the 30 November 2020

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