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Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees Work Programmes - 2019-2020


The Scrutiny Manager introduced the report, reminding Panel Members that at their last meeting they had agreed the work programmes of 5 Select Committees. She also reminded Panel Members that Safer Communities Select Committee and Sustainable Development Select Committee were both considering NCIL, and their Chairs were told to discuss potential duplication and reach an agreement going forward.


They have now agreed that there would not be any overlap as the focus was different. Safer Communities Select Committee was looking at NCIL in terms of the involvement of Local Assemblies in the allocation of funding, to be done at the end of the year, whereas Sustainable Development Select Committee  would be conducting pre-decision scrutiny of the Mayor and Cabinet decision around the setting up of the whole process for the use of NCIL funding and it would do that at its next meeting. She added that the Chairs were happy for Select Committees Members to attend their meetings on NCIL.


The Scrutiny Manager informed Panel Members that for this meeting Business Panel was being asked to agree the Public Accounts Select Committee’s (PAC) annual work programme, and to consider its referral to Business Panel. Councillor Krupski, Vice Chair of Public Accounts Select Committee was present at the meeting, to take questions.


Councillor Curran stated that it would make sense for them to look at the NCIL process to ensure it was transparent and transferrable. Councillor Muldoon commented that maybe a holistic approach should be considered.


Councillor Campbell informed Panel Members that following the last meeting members comments have been incorporated into the Safer Stronger Communities referral, and she had found the amended report very useful.


Business Panel agreed the referral from Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee to Mayor and Cabinet.


RESOLVED that Mayor and Cabinet be requested to direct officers to ensure that :


i. Equalities and the issues surrounding it are addressed in reports as part of contract compliance.

ii. Equalities implications become an explicit part of the decision making process.

iii. All reports to explicitly include equalities implications or an equalities impact assessment, and evidence that the equalities impact has been considered at every step of the decision making process (at the beginning, throughout the duration and at the end).  

iv. Looking beyond the Equalities Act; Class should also be included as part of equalities implications.


Councillor Krupski informed Panel Members that PAC had made the referral to Business Panel as they had decided it was important that savings features constantly in Select Committees Work Programmes, and that each Select Committee considers relevant capital expenditure that falls within their remit. Business Panel agreed the proposal from the Public Accounts Select Committee.


RESOLVED  that all select committees give due consideration to scrutiny of the Council’s finances in the development of their 2019-20 work programmes. In particular, that the relevant select committees should be tasked with scrutinising the capital programme expenditure within their remit (including the schools programme; major regeneration projects and the housing revenue account allocation) as well as the dedicated schools grant and the complete housing revenue account.”


Councillor Sorba said Children and Young People Select Committee had a slimmed down work programme and the report on school exclusions was being finalised.  He said they would also be looking at children social care as it was an important programme, together with the children social care budget. Councillor Sorba said they would also be identifying issues with CAHMS, and keeping a keen eye on children with SEN, ECHP and safeguarding issues. He concluded by highlighting the importance of involving the public.  Councillor Codd said he welcomed that, as public involvement was discussed at the Democracy Review Working Group.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.











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