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Agenda item

Decisions made by Mayor and Cabinet on 16 January 2019


The report on the Award of Contract for the Carer Information Advice and

Support Service was presented by two of the joint NHS/Council

Commissioning Officers.


Councillor John Paschoud expressed surprise that the service was marked as

boroughwide’ when it had offices in his Perry Vale Ward. He went on to

question the soundness of the bid evaluation process which placed a 60%

weighting on price and only 40% on quality when it was widely known an

emergent Social value would suggest weighing both factors equally.


The Commissioning Officer responded by saying the Service was expected to

operate on a boroughwide basis and that advice taken from Legal and

Procurement colleagues stated current weightings were to be used until

replaced by any new factors.


Councillor John Muldoon asked if in-house provision had been considered in

line with a Mayoral Manifesto commitment and was informed officers believed

Carer support should always be independent of the Council.


Councillor Susan Wise said she lacked confidence in the rankings being used

and believed forthcoming changes to procurement rules would ensure there

was greater emphasis on quality and a possible change to the recommended

provider for this contract.


Councillor Luke Sorba sought information on the staffing implications and was

informed four staff were eligible for TUPE to the new provider. Councillor

Olurtimi Ogunbadewa expressed concerns about the ongoing job security for

any staff transferred to any new provider.


Councillor Juliet Campbell expressed a preference for the contract to be

awarded to a specialist carers agency and was informed officers had looked

more widely at agencies offering information, advice and support services.


Councillor Jim Mallory recognised the need for advisors who were

independent of the Council. He queried any separation between advice for

Young Carers and advice for Adult Carers. Officers stated this was because

Young Carers were funded separately by CYP Commissioning.


Councillor Juliet Campbell raised concerns about any transition to a new

provider and believed a seamless service was unlikely to be achieved.


Councillor Feis-Bryce quoted a Mayoral Manifesto commitment to obtain

services locally which appeared to be at variance with the decisions taken at

Mayor & Cabinet.


The Panel concluded that given their misgivings about this contract award

they should agree a formal call-in and refer the decisions back to Mayor &

Cabinet for reconsideration. The reasons for the call-in were proposed by

Councillor Mallory and after being read back to the Panel, were agreed


RESOLVED that the decision taken by the Mayor & Cabinet on January 16 in

respect of the award of contract Carer Information Advice and

Support Service be called-in and referred back to the Mayor & Cabinet for

Reconsideration for the following reasons:


i. that the scoring system and the balance between quality and price was not

robust given the decision to award the contract to an organisation which was

1st on Price and 4th on Quality over another which was 2nd on Price and 1st

on Quality;


ii. that the Panel was not convinced there would be continuity of provision for

Carers during the transition period;


iii. given the strong interconnections between the Adults and Young Carers

Contracts, the Panel was not persuaded separate awards should be the

preferred option;


iv. in accordance with the Manifesto commitment to use an in house provider

whenever possible, a prominent section of the report should have examined

the advantages and disadvantages of in house provision. The Panel would

further ask that all future contractual reports should contain this consideration;


v. the recommendation appears contrary to the Manifesto commitment to

secure services locally whenever possible.



The meeting closed at 9.25pm