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Motion 1 Cllr Daby Cllr Dacres


The motion was moved by Councillor Janet Daby MP and seconded by

Councillor Brenda Dacres. Following contributions from Councillors Colin

Elliott and Joan Millbank, the motion was then put to the vote and declared

to be unanimously carried.


RESOLVED that the following motion be agreed:


“The Windrush scandal is a British political scandal concerning people born

British subjects, who came to the United Kingdom (UK) between 1948 and

1973. They were predominately from Caribbean countries, and have become

known as the Windrush Generation.


Many of the Windrush Generation were denied their British citizenship and

legal rights, wrongly detained, and threatened with deportation. There are

many who were wrongly deported from the UK, or denied the right to return

from vacation or family bereavements by the Home Office. To date, the Home

office has failed to provide the exact number of people whom this has



The ramifications of those who were suddenly told that they were not British

Citizens, despite being British before entrance into the UK has been

devastating. They have lost their jobs, homes, pensions, and financial

security. They have been denied benefits and medical care to which they

were and are fully entitled to. The denial of medical care has led to deaths.

Many of those arrived on these shores as invited British subjects have lost

their dignity, been marginalised, felt ashamed and embarrassed, and have

had the lives ripped apart.  Many of those affected through the Windrush

Scandal have been older vulnerable people, as well as their dependants.

Furthermore, an unknown number of long-term UK residents were wrongly

refused re-entry to the UK, and a larger number were threatened with

immediate deportation by the Home Office.


In one month alone, the UK Government received a total of 13,000 calls to a

specialist unit set up within the Department of the Home Office, in the

aftermath of the extreme scale of those affected. The Home Office has since

disclosed that more than 850 people now have documentation to affirm their

British Citizenship following an appointment with their dedicated team.

However, the total number affected at home and abroad are still unknown.


This motion pledges that Lewisham Council publicly opposes the

mistreatment and criminalisation of Windrush individuals and families; and



           In continuing to actively campaign for an end to all ‘hostile environment’

policy measures, calls upon the Mayor of Lewisham alongside the 3 local

Lewisham MPs to demand that the Government enables the Windrush

Generation to acquire British citizenship at no cost, and with proactive

assistance throughout the process, which is not time limited. To note that the

‘hostile environment’ is not restricted to the Windrush generation, and that the

campaign be extended to include post-1973 spouses and children that

followed to join their pre-1973 family member.


           To proactively advertise the open consultation of the Windrush

Compensation Scheme, through which victims of the Windrush Scandal will

be able to claim compensation.


           To call upon the Government to fully and financially support advice

agencies in their work to achieve support, advocacy and justice for all

Lewisham’s residents affected by the Windrush Scandal.


           To thank third sector organisations within the borough for their support

and advocacy for victims of Windrush Scandal. Signposting those affected to

organisations which provide support, advice and advocacy.


           To call upon the Government to conduct an independent public enquiry

into this Windrush scandal.


           To review the Council’s policies and procedures to ensure that those

affected are supported appropriately.


           In honour and recognition of the immense contributions of those known

as the Windrush Generation, who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1973,

lead Lewisham in the annual celebration of Windrush Day on 22nd June. That

this day recognises the contributions from The Commonwealth Member

Countries to Lewisham’s rich culture and diversity. 


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