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The presenting officer outlined that the application is for demolition of the existing buildings at 222 – 222A Trundley’s Road, SE8,  and the construction of a new part 3, part 4 residential building comprising of 7 self-contained units (3x1 bed and 4x2 bed), with associated outside amenity space, landscaping and cycle storage.


The presenting officer highlights that all of the proposed units would be dual aspect and that the flat roofs would not be accessible to residents for use as terraces. It has highlighted that the Environment Agency initially had concerns in regards to the proposal but these were overcome through the use of conditions. The presenting officer also highlighted that there are Highways concerns over the Construction Management Plan but that measures to address the concerns can be secured through conditions.


The presenting officer outlined that three objections and one comment were received during the consultation period. The objections and comment were in regards to the loss of the exiting building, the loss of character, the scale of the proposal is out of character, impact on parking and that the proposal is contrary of Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.


Councillors Ogunbadwa (Chair) asked if Article 8 of the Human Rights Act can be clarified. Paul Young –Legal Services clarifies Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

The Committee received verbal representations form Anthony Frendo and Peter Swain who represent the applicants. Peter Swain outlined that they had been through the pre-application process and that they have nothing further to add to that which is included in the officer report.


Councillor Smith asked for clarification on the provision of the collection of rain water, how access to the green roofs will be prohibited and for confirmation if the windows are the rear are to be obscure glazed. Peter Swain confirmed that there would be an attenuation tank on site to deal with rain water. Peter Swain clarified that a window will provide maintenance access only and will not be accessible to residents and that a condition can be added to prevent access. Peter Swain also highlighted that in regards to the windows on the rear elevation, the windows serving the bathrooms, stairwells and kitchens can be obscure glazed if needed.


Councillor Sheikh asked clarification on the construction design. The presenting officer highlighted that this is not a planning consideration and this is incorporated in the Building Regulations process. Councillor Sheikh also asked for clarification on the concerns raised by the Environment Agency, the presenting officer outlined that the initial concern was in regards to floor levels and that this has been addressed and that a condition will also be added to a permission.


Councillor Kelleher spoke under standing orders in support of the objections that were received.


The committee received verbal representation from Kenny Wong, Yolanda Atkins and Shawl who are local residents who object to the proposed development. The residents outlined that they are concerned about the impact of the proposed development on privacy, the height of the proposal, overshadowing and loss of light, a loss of local history and impacts on standards of living. Concern was also raised in regards to the proposed development being located on the corner of road due to speeding cars.


Councillor Gallagher asked for clarification from the presenting officer if traffic and structural issues are material planning considerations. The presenting officer clarified that structural damage and Party Wall agreements are not material planning considerations but that there are separate channels that cover this. The presenting officer highlighted that highways safety is a planning consideration and that the issues raised by the objectors are wider issues beyond the impacts of the application and that Highways raised no concerns in relation to safety. Legal services explained that planning permission is only one of the consents that the applicant will be required to gain.


Councillor Smith affirmed that the traffic speeding issues is not an issue that is specific to the application. Councillor Smith moved a motion to accept the officer’s recommendation. Councillor Gallagher asked for clarification if the motion included additional conditions, the presenting officer confirmed that additional two conditions are to be added to the recommendation. One condition is for the windows on the rear elevation to be obscured glazed and fixed closed and the second was to modify the landscaping condition so that permeability and drainage details are provided. The motion was seconded by Councillor Gallagher.


Members voted as follows:


FOR: Councillors Smith, Gallagher, Ogunbadwa, Brown, Gibbons and Moore.


AGAINST: Councillor Sheikh


RESOLVED: That the application DC/17/101678 be approved with additional conditions.


Councillor Mallory joined the meeting.


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