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Brockley Assembly Fund 2017, project presentations:

·         Local community street tree planting initiative- £2500

·         Myatt Gardens Girls Football Project - £1260

·         Brockley Max Opening Night- £2400

·         Breakspears Mews Community Garden- £950

·         FLOWER POWER- ArtHouse- £2154

·         Frameless Arts C.I.C. - Make Your Own Skateboard- £1810

·         Deptford in the Pink: Development of Brookmill - £1097

·         Brockley Street Art Festival 2018 - £1729


·         Donation AFRIL Community Allotment & Launch Celebration- £100

                        Total £14000


·         Local community street tree planting initiative- £2500


A Brockley Assembly grant of £2500 would enable Street Trees for Living to plant ten more trees in the ward. The locations would be in areas of low-tree cover, near schools and where match-funding for trees would be out of the reach of local residents.

Each tree would be labelled with species, year planted and identify Brockley Assembly as the sponsor of the tree.

Since beginning in 2012 as a Brockley Society initiative, Street Trees for Living has planted over 300 trees in the streets of the Lewisham borough. Its successful working model has grown from a need to replace street trees at a time when there is insufficient council funds. It has brought together residents as fund-raisers, street co-ordinators and volunteer guardians, all working in partnership with Lewisham Council.

This success has attracted the attention of the Greater London Authority and other community groups looking to increase their own local street tree numbers. Street Trees for Living is leading London by example in this green initiative and ten more trees through its local assembly will flag how much support it enjoys.

The new street trees will increase the number of local residents involved in this initiative, our streets will have cleaner air, they will be more sheltered and attractive, and the number of birds and bees will continue to flourish. Tree lined streets encourage residents to take more interest in their own green efforts; and cleaner air benefits everyone. 

Street Trees for Living is run entirely by volunteers. To fulfil their planting ambitions for Lewisham they need to expand their small and friendly remote-working team. Only some of them have much tree knowledge - most of their work is to read and write emails, answer the phone, support tree guardians and street reps, and manage information. If this work interests you, please get in touch:


·         Myatt Gardens Girls Football Project - £1260


At Myatt Gardens they are looking to get more of their girls active by starting up a girl’s only football club. They are looking for funding to start up an extra curricula coaching session to introduce girl’s to football and increase the amount of time they are physically active. They are hoping this project will be the catalyst to develop a long term girl’s football project at Myatt Gardens and hope to enter a girl’s football team into the Lewisham Primary Schools League so girls can really develop their football skills. As part of this project Myatt Gardens will host a girl’s football tournament, the girls will be playing for the Myatt Garden Cup. They will be employing a fully qualified FA female football coach to act as a positive role model. They will be running 30 extra curricula sessions, to introduce the girls to football. The sessions will take place weekly, starting early in 2018. Sessions will include developing passing, shooting, dribbling and defending skills, in preparation for the tournament and hopefully the Lewisham Primary Schools League.


·         Brockley Max Opening Night- £2400


The Opening Night kicks off the Brockley Max community arts festival and takes place on Foxberry Road, near Brockley station. There’s over 6 hours of entertainment by local musicians, bands, DJ’s choirs and singers, most amateur, some professional and some emerging talent.


Last year, over 700 people of all ages attended, coming together to celebrate what’s so great about our neighbourhood.  Over 30 local residents volunteered last year too, from age 15 to 76. This incredible age range worked so successfully by supporting one another, working as a team and promoting the festival that we’re focussing again this year on young and older volunteers.


As well as providing a great evening of entertainment, the Opening Night is the launch pad for the rest of Brockley Max, raising awareness amongst the community and generating enthusiasm for other events.  The Opening Night, like the vast majority of the festival, is free, and being held on the street means it’s accessible to everyone and all are welcome. And if you’ve not yet come to the Opening Night, come down this year to experience what an amazing community we live in.


The funding from the Assembly will pay for all the sound equipment, the stage, security, volunteers’ refreshments, licence, a proportion of the programme design and printing – in fact everything that makes the event happen!


·         Breakspears Mews Community Garden- £950

Breakspears Mews Community Garden was established by local residents to transform a derelict and fly tipped end of mews into a more friendly and neighbourly space. Their presence helps to prevent antisocial behaviour and demonstrates a constructive use of community space. 

The garden is open to everyone living or working in the Brockley Ward and they welcome many visitors during the growing season and encourage participation in the garden. The garden is an opportunity to meet new people and establish new friendships whilst gardening, and over a cup of tea and cake. 

For the past 2 years they have run a very successful Senior Gardening Club and many attendees have become regular gardeners with them. They organise outings to other gardens such as Great Dixter and Hall Place & Gardens and have attended workshops at Grow Wild at Regents Park Allotments. These have proven to be very popular and great fun for everyone participating.

The garden is now an oasis of calm and quiet and promotes biodiversity and local wildlife. They have their own resident robin, bats and foxes.

·         FLOWER POWER- ArtHouse- £2154


Lewisham Arthouse is offering ‘Flower Power’ as an initiative to fill Brockley’s less cared for green spaces with a much-needed spurt of new growth via series of fun ‘food and nature’ art workshops and community events.

It is a pilot project designed to kick start an on-going process of social engagement, initially focusing on Luxmore Gardens, Brookmill Gardens, Breakspears Community Garden and Heston Community Gardens and their surrounding areas.

Valuing and claiming ownership of local green spaces, however small, builds trust and friendship.  Stepping out into a well cared for and colourful environment is a wonderful life improvement for everyone. 

Flower Power is a win-win scenario, focussing on both ‘growing’ as a food source, and ‘growing’ as pure eye candy! 

An increased knowledge of plants and vegetables, and their culinary aspects promotes healthier eating habits as well as being a fun way to discover foods from different cultures and traditions.

They have a 25 year history of educational provision and the relevant, enthusiastic ‘green’ expertise among our membership. 

Lewisham Art House is already a community hub, but now they are bringing art outdoors!


·         Frameless Arts C.I.C. - Make Your Own Skateboard- £1810


Around February 2018, 20 young people aged 5-11 years old will be given the chance to make their own robust, fully useable skateboard to take away. They will learn every part of the process - from making the deck from scratch, from laminates of wood, to creating your own design, and attaching trucks, wheels and grip tape. This is a free project with all materials provided.

check out Frameless Arts CIC on Facebook


·         Deptford in the Pink: Development of Brookmill - £1097


            Friends of Brookmill Park organises community picnics, river and litter

            clearance, bird and bat walks and liaises with Glendale and the Council to

            look after this well- loved park.

            The Planting Group is working to improve appearance and biodiversity of

            the park. Two rose beds were edged with lavender in Phase 1 (2016). 

            The application to Brockley Assembly requests support for Phase 2 to:

                      Develop the park as a community hub for horticultural skills exchange

                        biodiversity and creativity;

                      Increase the Group’s capacity and involve others;

                      Make improvements to two more rose-beds;

                      Host seed planting and propagation workshops;

                      Grow the Deptford Pink in Deptford (Dianthus Armeria, a Priority Species in

                        UK Biodiversity Action Plan);

                      Foster botanical and horticultural knowledge through an art workshop;

                      Encourage horticulture through advice, sale of plants and exhibition at

                        summer picnic;

            Application is to cover costs of:

                      gardening equipment;

                      insect-friendly plants to edge 2 flowerbeds;

                      4 tables and seeds for propagation workshops and plant sales;

                      community arts workshop to improve knowledge of the Deptford Pink

                        and wild flowers in the park.


            Redstart Arts, resident artists, hold sessions for artists with learning

            disabilities, design and distribute Park information, and organise exhibitions.

            Lead artist, Cash Aspeek, will devise the arts workshop and summer display.


            For further information or to join the Planting Group, please contact Julia

             Rowntree, Coordinator,




·         Brockley Street Art Festival 2018 - £1729


Brockley Street Art Festival’s mission is to bring colour to the streets of Brockley and surrounding neighbourhoods, through creating a showcase of stunning murals for all to enjoy, working with local, national and international artists. 

For the last 3 years they have proven themselves capable of commissioning the very best artists to produce high quality street art, as well as devising a public programme to increase community involvement in the festival. This has included talks, guided walking tours, film screenings and live painting events, as well as schools outreach and family workshops.  

Having attracted visitors from across London and beyond to last year's festival, they hope to evolve their strategy this year to encourage even more community involvement with a focus on transforming spaces - finding ways that street art can play a positive and useful role in our locality.  

As well as continuing their programme of participation, as part of this year's art work they hope to produce a high quality directional mural for an important local business, a collaborative work on an uninspiring development hoarding and to work with Glendale to transform carefully selected walls of local parks and gardens, with a series of cheerful, interactive murals to encourage play. 


·         Donation AFRIL Community Allotment & Launch Celebration- £100

A donation was given to this group as they are out of the borough.


            Total £14000. All project decisions made by the coordinating group were voted in at the assembly by a show of hands.