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Parking more than a quarter of a mile away, wasted police time with confrontations about parking, wants a consultation in Culverley about instating a CPZ (controlled parking zone).


Response: Cllr Stamirovski spoke about parking and said consultations are too costly to run regularly and that controlled parking zones are the only real solution, but are costly, and the Culverly Green RA organised a vote a few years ago and voted against it.


New resident stood up: refuted the claim, said the Culverly Green consultation was free as the RA ran it, and suggested that all residents concerned should write to the council to complain, about parking and litter in the area. Response: that wasn't a democratic consultation as it was just a meeting, not a full consultation.

Amendment to above minutes on CPZs:
- In the recent Catford South Assembly there was this mention below of a consultation  less than  ten years ago, but that one was in reference to a public meeting held by our own Culverley Green Residents’ Association held in St. Laurence Church hall, and that was seven years ago. 


You report as below that ‘a new resident refuted the claim' by Cllr Stamirovski . That person refuting the claim was not new, but none other than Kate Richardson, Chairperson of Culverley Green Conservation Area, a resident of over thirty years, and a retired Lewisham school teacher.


The discussion back then was about a CPZ for our Conservation Area only. Our Area is bordered by Bromley, Thornsbeach, Culverley and Inchmery, and Newquay Roads, including Penerley, Bargery, and Aran Roads. At our own meeting many attended from their own areas south of Newquay and  those  voted against. It was reported that the Council’s official consultation in our area was over ten years ago (actually eleven) and many residents have changed their minds, our area being the only remaining area around Catford Centre without a CPZ.



*17th and 18th June - street party call out to commemorate Jo Cox - please come forward if you want to volunteer


Resurfacing New Quay road - been promised for last year, but hasn't happened. Response: is in the programme and Cllr Amrani will feed back the date


Street sweeping raised by more than one respondent - claims no sweeping during the autumn, and leaves are composting, claims more than 10 weeks, and that the debris from Doris, including 5ft branches.

Another resident: The whole of Catford is dirty.


Response: Cllr Amrani explained cuts lead to prioritising the sweeps and that environment have been contacted for the list of the sweeping schedule and he will publish that for residents once it is obtained.


Cllr Stamirovski: we feel the same, but the workforce has been decimated, the cuts have been huge and we can't do it all, as Cllr Amrani said, we have to look after our elderly and educating our young people and we don't have a lot of options.

Resident response: tired of being told that if they want their street swept they're taking money from the elderly. Response from Cllr Amrani 


*Reminder to mark fly-tipping spots for the fly tipping action group