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Lewisham Gateway


Cllr De Ryk told the assembly that there will be a public meeting in mid-November about the planning application and that the assembly will be advised of the date.


Doug Finlay and his team then updated the assembly in relation to the works and the following questions were asked:


Q Can you look into the phasing of the traffic lights from Molesworth Street and the new crossing, it is a really tricky crossing and people get stuck in the box junction?

A TfL are monitoring this and the timing is continually evolving.


Q For cyclists there is an odd cycle lane on the right hand side towards London which suddenly stops.


Lewisham Cyclists – We have made our views clear that this junction is dangerous and there are better junctions around than this. This will not encourage people to get on their bikes.


A Tfl are monitoring pedestrian movement, car movement and of course cycling movement. We have debated with them the siting of crossing points for pedestrians as they are real concern. The temporary barriers on the corners will have to come off at some point as TfL policy is not to have street furniture. Therefore although the work is 95% complete there are areas that we are still looking at and will continue to look at.


Several issues were raised at the Assembly that Lewisham Gateway could not immediately respond to and instead they promised to report back. Lewisham Gateway have now responded with the issues and answers below:


Q 380 Bus – Residents raised an issue about the 380 bus route going from Lewisham town centre towards Blackheath (and on to Belmarsh Prison). They were concerned that it no longer stops close to Lewisham Station and wanted to know if the stops could be changed.

 A The 380 bus from Lewisham Town Centre towards Blackheath (and Belmarsh) currently stops at Stop V (outside Lewisham Shopping Centre) and stop P (the Clock Tower), it then goes directly up to Lewisham Hill, without stopping near the stations. This arrangement is temporary. There are some final works taking place to the roads at present, which we’re hoping to complete before the end of the year. TfL will then be able to open up Bus Stop G, located on Lewisham Road, just north of Rennell Street.

This stop will be a very short walk from Lewisham’s stations. People coming from the DLR won’t have to cross any roads, and those coming from Lewisham station will only need to cross Station Road.


Q 89 Bus - A similar issue was raised about the route of the 89 bus, which currently doesn’t stop on our site.

A  When the final works to the roads are complete, TfL will be able to open up the new Bus Stop A, which is directly outside the DLR station, and the 89 will be stopping there.


There were a number of other issues around crossings (timings for pedestrian lights and kerbs in particular), light phasing and cycling issues that we will raise with TfL and the concern about station announcements reaching their home, which we will take up, and concern about lighting on Station Road, which we are sorting as a matter of priority.


For more information about Lewisham Gateway visit or phone the team on 020 7403 8587 or Email You can also follow developments on twitter @NewLewisham