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Update on Besson Street and Somerville Estate development plans

7.      Somerville Estate & Besson Street Development Proposals


7.1    Cllr Millbank told the Assembly that there were written updates available on the latest news for the developments and asked those present if they had any concerns or questions. As there was only one person who had a concern, Cllrs agreed to speak to this person outside of the meeting.


7.2    Besson Street


Current Summary


On 13th July 2016 Mayor and Cabinet agreed that Officers go through a procurement process to identify a joint venture partner to deliver the Besson Street site and that this joint venture partnership may then deliver other regeneration opportunities in Lewisham. The procurement process is expected to take place between September 2016 - January 2017 when Mayor and Cabinet will make the final decision on the potential partner. Following this will come further design, consultation and Planning stages.



History and background


The land has been vacant for some time after previous schemes under the New Deal for Communities (NDC) initiative weren’t able to go ahead. The Council continues to work with the New Cross Gate Trust and our plans include providing the key elements from the original proposals such as a new Doctors surgery (for the Queens Road surgery), community space and outdoor gym.


The Council is committed to increasing the number, quality and affordability of homes across all tenures. The Council’s housing provider, Lewisham Homes has a target to build 500 Council homes by March 2018 and there are plans being developed across the borough.


Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet decided in December 2015 that the Besson Street scheme would start a new approach in Lewisham to improve housing in the private rented sector.  Since this time, Council officers have been working up the technical detail of how the scheme could be delivered.


At a meeting on 13th July 2016 Mayor and Cabinet have now agreed that the Council starting a process in the autumn 2016 to identify a partner who would help finance, build and manage the new homes.


The report has all the details however we are pleased to say that we are looking to provide 35% as affordable homes, with rents linked to the London Living wage. There will be a further report in early 2017 as Mayor and Cabinet will be asked to decide on the partner and proposals.


Residents may have seen the designs developed by Assael architects in December 2015. There has been no further design work carried out so at the moment the designs are the same. The Council expects to carry out further design work with our partner in the Spring 2017 in consultation with the local community.


If anyone would like any further information now please do let us know. We also send out email updates – if people want to have these please get in touch me with me (


The report is available on the Council’s website and has the full details on why the Council is looking to work in this way and what the scheme is expected to contain etc.



The update newsletter about the Somerville Development is attached.


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