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Community information - find out what's on for the summer and how you can get involved

6. Community updates


                     Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum


6.1    Tamsin Bacchus from Lewisham Pensioner’s’ Forum told the Assembly about local campaigns and events.


6.2    Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign continues.


6.3    Pensioner’s Forum will be holding a Pensioners’ Day event on Wednesday 21st September at the Broadway Theatre in Catford from 1.00-4.00pm.


         Tickets from


6.4    There is a regular Monday project at the Owen Centre in Lewisham Hospital. This includes Knit & Knatter from 11am to 1pm (although there’s wool, needles coffee and company from 10am to 3pm). Games and a Digital Surgery where you can get help on how to use your phones, pads and laptops.


         Pensioners’ Forum New letter available from


6.5    The Broadway Theatre is screening The Battle of the Somme with a live Orchestra as part of the Somme100 FILM Project on 30 September 7.30-10.00pm. Tickets are 5.00 or £3.00 for concessions.


6.6    Thames Water will be opening up Nunhead reservoir on 5th August. This has magnificent views over London.


6.7    Telegraph Hill Society have a survey regarding the plans for the tennis courts. Please do let them know your views.


Hill View Community Services


6.8    Cindy introduced herself and explained that she was from Hill View Community Services which run out of The House of Bread on Kitto Road. The Assembly supported them with funding to put on a series of health & wellbeing events this year and thanked everyone for their support.


6.9    As a result of these session, there are now regular Tai Chi session on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from 11.00am-1.00pm. These cost £1.00.


6.10Future event that are planned are Emotional Health & Wellbeing event on Saturday 8th October 10.00-4.30pm and a Careers Fair on Saturday 29th October. All are welcome.


For more information contact

020 7635 0176 or 020 7732 4970 or e-mail


6.11This weekend at The House of Bread there is a talent show and workshops with a journalist, singer/songwriter and entrepreneurs on Saturday. On Sunday there is a cookout with games and music from 2.00pm-4.00pm. From 4.00pm-7.00pm there is a performance from Karen Gibson & the Kingdom Choir.



Telegraph Hill Community Network


6.12Danielle Heath told the Assembly that there are small grants for community clean-ups, planting days and play days where roads are closed so children can play.


         Contact 020 7732 1403 or e-mail for information.



North Lewisham Community Health Improvement Team


6.13My Tang is the new Officer who cover 4 wards; Telegraph Hill, New Cross Brockley & Evelyn.


6.14The team offer free health checks, healthy walking groups and services for specific groups. They promote healthy eating and smoking cessation.


6.15There is also a fund each year for community projects. This year half funding will be for organisations that have not had funding before or have not been funded in the last 3 years.



Black History Month


6.16 Cllr Millbank explained that November this year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Race Relations Act (1976).  This was the legislation that lead the way to further equalities legislation.


6.17 To mark this anniversary, the TH Community Network will be teaming up with local venues including Somerville Youth & Play Provision to run a free film festival.