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Sunderland Road Community Garden Discussion

A discussion about setting up a new community garden in Sunderland Road was introduced by Katie O’Donovan, a local resident.  Katie explained her ideas for developing the garden as a local resource.  Bernard Simmons of Stanstead Strip also contributed experiences of developing community garden on Stanstead Road: he spoke of the difference it had made to the local environment and community spirit, including reduction in littering and flytipping in the local area.

Those present gave the following responses to the discussion, which were posted on large “Roots and Shoots” posters around the hall.  The Shoots represent the Assembly’s vision for the garden.  The Roots represent the resources in terms of people, skills etc. that can be drawn on in order to make our vision happen.



1 “The benefits of a community garden will be……”

·         Community spirit

·         Nutritious food grown

·         Education on healthy eating and food growing

·         Maintenance of an unused space

·         “I see no point in this”

·         Will draw community together

·         Community cohesion

·         Provide space for activity

·         Communication amongst locals

·         Somewhere to go and sit

·         Productive and/or beneficial use of unused space

·         For the community

·         Tranquility


2 “The people who could benefit most are….”

·         Children

·         Elderly

·         Mums with kids

·         Elderly

·         Nurseries

·         The young

·         Childminders

·         Everyone in the community regardless of age

·         Residents

·         Schoolchildren

·         School and young people

·         People who like gardening

·         Elderly

·         People who live in flats

·         Retired keen gardeners

·         School

·         Voluntary groups

·         Elderly

·         Unemployed

·         Families

·         Adults with learning disabilities/mental health


3 “In the community garden, I would like to see…..”

·         a seating area

·         bench (see the view of London)

·         scented plants and some evergreen

·         A Forest School

·         Community farm growing vegetables

·         Vegetables and flowers

·         Hut for shelter

·         Flowers for all seasons

·         Seating to sit and enjoy the garden

·         Roses of all colours andhighly scented

·         Vegetable patches

·         Plants, flowers, (?), bench

·         Allotments

·         Grow vegetables

·         Trees

·         Plants especially sensory – scent, touch

·         Quiet space – not just for families/children

·         Water feature

·         Herb garden

·         Edible produce

·         Allotment

·         Mini-allotments

·         Sensory feature for people with disabilities

·         Inclusivity


4 “We have these resources in our community to help make this happen: …..”

·         Families

·         Voluntary groups

·         Schools

·         Councillors

·         Local businesses

·         Benefactors

·         People who like gardening

·         “I am sure many people would love to get involved”

·         Green fingers!

5 “The community garden project would link in with….”

·         Local schools

·         Dacres Nature Reserve

·         other gardens near de Frene and Queenswood Roads

·         after school clubs, clubs in general

·         schools

·         community groups

·         holiday clubs

6 “I can do …?… to help the garden happen”

·         outreach

·         marketing

·         social media (twitter, Instagram etc.)

·         I can do planting, weeding and watering to help the garden happen

·         Support and encouragement


























Appendix B



12th May 2016


Crime Update


I am pleased to announce that both burglary and robbery crime figures during the past three months for Perry Vale Ward are still on the decline.


Motor Vehicle crime i.e. Theft of motor vehicle and Theft from motor vehicle has also seen a slight decrease since February 2016. As a result, this was discussed at the Ward Panel meeting and has been retained as a Ward Promise for the next three months.

The Local Policing Team has conducted both high visibility and plain clothes patrols around motor vehicle crime hotspot areas within the ward. A recent operation was conducted whereby a decoy vehicle was deployed in various locations around the South Cluster, in the hope that suspects would attempt to steal the vehicle or the contents. Unfortunately no arrests were made on this occasion, but with the additional uniformed officers on the sector, we hope this had a positive effect by disrupting the activities of criminals in the area.


General Update

School Activities

We are still receiving some complaints about parents parking illegally on the yellow zig-zag lines outside of school premises. The schools have been asked to circulate a message to all parents reminding them that this is an offence and could potentially put children at risk as they travel to school.

Lewisham Council Parking Enforcement Officers have agreed to patrol around the vicinity of our schools when on the ward

Cash Point Safety.

Police are currently investigating a number of reported thefts in Sydenham High Street where elderly residents have been targeted whilst withdrawing money from cash machines.

The suspects stand behind the victim and watch as they input their PIN number in to the cash machine. When the suspect has the PIN number, they will then approach the victim as they are still using the machine. Then they use all manner of distraction techniques to keep the victim occupied whilst they will cancel the transaction and steal the victim’s bank card.


Armed with the bank card and PIN number, the suspects then make off from the scene and will use the card to withdraw money at a nearby bank/ATM machine.

The suspect has been described as a black male, aged about 30 years of age and approximately 5’10” tall.

Please see the leaflets enclosed.

Ward Promises

·         Fly tipping in Woolstone Road


Due to the number of incidents of rubbish being dumped on the pavement at the junction of Woolstone Road and Vancouver Road, this has been highlighted as a ward promise.

We have been working in partnership with Lewisham Council regarding this issue. Signage has now been put up in the area shown, warning potential offenders about the consequences of fly-tipping in the area.

As a result, the fly tipping has significantly reduced and there have been no further reports of kitchen appliances being dumped at the location.

·         Motor Vehicle Crime


Further to the previous update, this has been retained as a ward promise for a further three months. Patrols to continue along with leaflet drops in relevant areas affected by this type of crime. Recent activity to tackle this crime has already been discussed.

·         Night Time Economy (Vicinity of Forest Hill Station)

This promise has also been retained from the previous meeting and concerns complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour and noise in the vicinity of Forest Hill station (Perry Vale side).  A public meeting was held at the Civic Centre just before Christmas regarding this issue. A number of problems were raised at the meeting for the management of J K Banquets to action.

Lewisham Council Crime Enforcement & Regulation Service are taking the lead on this investigation and will continue to work in partnership with Perry Vale SNT and other agencies, with a view to reducing disruption to the local residents when there is a function at the hall.

Crime Prevention Advice

As the warmer weather has arrived, could we take this opportunity to remind residents to close and lock their windows and doors when you leave the house? This will hopefully reduce the number of opportunist burglaries taking place.