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Former Councillor Barrie Anderson RIP


The Chair reported the death of former Councillor Barrie Anderson,

remembering him fondly as a long serving Chair of Council who embraced his

civic responsibilities with supreme dedication enhancing the reputation of

Lewisham across London. Even after retiring from the Council he remained a

strong supporter of civic events, providing help and encouragement to the

current Chair.


The Mayor added that he had been shocked and saddened to learn of the

death of Barrie Anderson. He paid tribute to his strong commitment to public

service, recognising that he always put his constituents and Council first and

that between 2006-2010 he had been a fair Chair of an evenly balanced



The Chair permitted former Councillor Christine Allison to pay tribute to Barrie

Anderson. She spoke of him as a very generous man who worked hard for the

Conservative Party and the electorate. He had immensely enjoyed his time as

Chair of Council. She concluded that he would be sadly missed.


Councillor David Britton spoke of Barrie Anderson as a close colleague from

1998 to 2010 but also as someone who was a very private person. Aside from

Politics, he had served as an officer in the British Army and later in the media

Industry,as well as being a celebrated author.


Councillor Alan Hall paid tribute to Barrie Anderson by reading the final

recollection of the principal character in his book “Not the Day Job” which had

been a thinly disguised fictionalised account of Lewisham during his years on

the Council.


Councillor Susan Wise recounted that she had known Barrie Anderson since

1998 and had counted him as a friend. She spoke of the civic duties they had

shared together and recounted that he had been instrumental in ensuring the

success of the stock transfer in the Grove Park area.


Councillor Mark Ingleby remembered Barrie Anderson as a Ward colleague

and fellow author who was a humbe but insightful man of the highest integrity

fully committed to supporting his constituents.


Councillor Helen Klier spoke of the popularity and respect in which Barrie

Anderson was held and of the kindness he had displayed towards her.


Councillor John Muldoon said he would remember Barrie Anderson as a kind

and erudite man who took his civic duties very seriously, serving in the

Council’s first Cabinet against the wishes of his party. He would be missed not

only in Lewisham but across the Home Counties where he had established

numerous links.


Former Councillor Ron Pepper RIP


The Mayor recalled Ron Pepper as a significant figure in Lewisham’s political

history. He had retired as a Lewisham Councillor 26 years ago but had then

forged a further 12 year career in retirement on Canterbury City Council. He

had achieved a stellar career in Education becoming the youngest Secondary

Head Teacher in London and the first Chair of the Borough’s Education

Committee when responsibility was transferred from the ILEA.


Councillor Jim Mallory said even though he had served with Ron Pepper for

only four years, he knew his influence lasted much longer, with even a Millwall

FC match day programme containing an obituary for him. He praised his work

in ensuring Education was integrated smoothly into the Council after the

demise of the ILEA.


All present observed a 1 minute silence in memory of Barrie Anderson and

Ron Pepper.


Berkeley Foundation


The Chair reported the Berkeley Foundation had included the Borough of

Lewisham in an expansion of the Lords Taverners Disability Cricket

Championship from 2016 to 2019. The programme was tol be led by Kent

County Cricket Board and run as a dual borough with Greenwich.


Race Relations Act


The Chair highlighted the 40th anniversary of the Race Relations Act.

Councillors Dacres and Walsh added their support fo the positive changes the

Act had fostered for equality and diversity.


Matagalpa in Nicaragua


The Chair announced 2016 marked 30 years since the London Borough of Lewisham originally passed a motion to twin with Matagalpa in Nicaragua.


Since then, the Council had supported the region of Matagalpa by donating a waste disposal truck, fundraising to donate latrines and other sanitation facilities, and raising money for its residents following various natural disasters.


In March, Ivania Calderón Peralta, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of CECOCAFEN, a Fairtrade coffee cooperative based in Matagalpa which represented over 2400 producer families was to visit. She was to take part in Fairtrade Fortnight, the first two weeks of March,  talking in schools and other community venues about her work in Nicaragua.


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