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4. Written updates




4.1    Bakerloo Line Extension

The most recent update on the proposals from TfL was issued on 7th September  2015 and was included in the papers for the Sydenham Assembly papers for the meeting that took place on 17th September


To see the details of this update please go to the TfL website at: 


The update covers details of the consultation which was held on extending the Bakerloo line from Elephant & Castle station through Southwark towards Lewisham, Bromley and Hayes together with details of issues and questions that were raised.


What Happens Next


Following on publication of the report which addresses the main issues raised during the 2014 consultation, TfL are now reviewing the large number of alternative destinations people suggested the extension could serve.  In addition, TfL are also further assessing the options put forward in the 2014 consultation.


Once the options have been fully explored a further public consultation is anticipated in 2016. This consultation will present the extension proposals in more detail.


If a decision is made to progress the scheme, and the necessary funding is secured, it is anticipated that construction could commence in around 2023.  Completion would be in approximately 2030.


Additional information

A southern extension of the Bakerloo line has been under consideration from the time the line was first opened in 1906. We have reviewed other options for improving transport in southeast London over the last few years.


A summary of this work is available in our Background report.


4.2    Cllr Curran told the Assembly that, as part of this work, TfL would look to relocate Lower Sydenham to Southend Lane


4.3    Sydenham Road

Since the traffic lights on Sydenham Road by Station Approach were UTC commissioned in August, further work has taken throughout October and November on the lights atSydenham Road by Spring Hill, Sydenham Road / Newlands Park, Sydenham Road / Mayow Road and Queensthorpe Road and was completed by TfL on 20th November as scheduled.


On completion of this work the SCOOT system that optimises the lights then became operational.


4.4    Barry informed the Assembly that there has been the addition of two extra trains per hour to the East London Line. This is very welcome but, in two years time will still not be enough to keep up with growing demand.


4.5    There is a need for upgrades to the electrics further down the line and the Cllrs were asked to lobbying for more improvements.


4.6    Cllrs were also asked to press for improvements to the interchange at Canada Water station which is woefully inadequate.


4.7    Cllr Curran said that there are plans to add another escalator to the station. This is limited to one due space available.


4.8    The Greyhound Update


As you will probably have seen, The Greyhound Public house has finally, after several false starts and nearly two years, emerged from behind the hoardings. Councillors and local residents have been monitoring the work of the developers Purelake through out this time and have succeeded in challenging works that were contrary to the planning permission.


For instance the first batch of roof slates deemed unsuitable, resulting in a delay while replacements were sought.There was a mezzanine floor  that was due to be removed as soon as the roof was in place. However, unexpectedly the entire front wall of building had to be underpinned. This has subsequently delayed the removal of the unauthorised floor.


As part of the 2010 planning permission, six birch trees have been be planted in the piazza. There will also be the welcome return of two greyhounds on plinths guarding the main entrance.


This is not the end of the work, however, as the Sydenham Society and the Councillors want to ensure that the building is leased for the right type of usage rather than the to the first business that shows an interest. There is now a move to register the building as a community asset to ensure that the 300 year old pub is returned to the High Street.


4.9    Cllr Onikosi thanked Barry, Pat and Annabel who, through their work with the Sydenham Society, helped to ensure that the works were undertaken in accordance to the planning permission.


4.10             Sydenham Update            


Existing Issues      


Riney's are still unclear of the location of the notice board. We have once again chased them on it’s whereabouts and will continue  to chase this outstanding works.


Girton Road Car Park


Cars were badly parked obstructing vehicles from entering the main body of the car park; also cars entering "the lanes" the wrong way. Our request for repainting the lines was completed in late September.


Venner Square


Damage occurred to paving slabs in Venner Square after work by the Water Board and the finish is uneven. It has been confirmed that this is a temporary fix whilst the new slabs were order.

These slabs have now been received by London Borough of Lewisham and Thames Water have been informed. If works are not completed within six months, Thames Water will be issued with a fine.


Newly Reported Issues


Queensthorpe Square


Skanska have removed a lamp post in Queensthorpe Square. Replacement paving has been requested to be installed in this space.