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Information about Elections Committee

The Elections Committee consists of 6 members of the Council no more than one half of whom may also be members of the Executive.


 The Committee may exercise certain powers in relation to the holding of elections and the maintenance of the electoral register, and may from time to time advise the Council where the law requires that the decision may only be taken by full Council:

·   the appointment of an electoral registration officer

 the assignment of officers in relation to requisitions of the registration officer

 the appointment of a returning officer for local government elections

 the provision of assistance at European Parliamentary elections

 the division of constituencies into polling districts

 the division of electoral divisions into polling districts at local elections

 the submission of proposals to the Secretary of State for an order under section 10 Representation of the People Act 2000 for a pilot scheme for local elections

 power to make submissions to the Boundary Commission for England in relation to the boundaries of the borough or ward boundaries

 the appointment of a proper officer for the purposes of giving various notices in relation to elections and referendums (e.g. in relation to the verification number for petitions for a referendum under LGA 2000)

 to conduct reviews of the conduct of elections in the borough