Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Mulberry Centre

Contact: Sarah Lang 

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Welcome and introduction from the Deptford Councillors


1.  Welcome from Cllr Brenda Dacres, Chair of the New Cross Assembly


1.1     Cllr Brenda Dacres welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the two new Cllrs; Cllr Stephen Hayes and Cllr Rosie Parry.


1.2     Cllr Dacres added that this was the first in person meeting since before the Covid pandemic and that it was good to be able to come together once more.


1.3     Going forward the Assemblies will be delivered by a mix of on-line meetings on Team and face to face meetings.



Presentation on Help with Cost of Living


2. Help with Cost-of-Living Presentations


2.1   Cllr Dacres told the Assembly that there were two presentations, the first one from the Assembly Officer for Deptford, Sarah Lang and the second Hojee Mann from South East London Energy Company.




2.2   Sarah drew residents’ attention to the Council’s new website which will act as the portal for the support available. 


Lewisham Council - Cost of living crisis


2.3   The website covers the following themes


·       Food support

·       Coping with money worries

·       Help with household bills

·       Help with employment and training

·       Extra support if you have children

·       Mental health and well-being advice

·       Staying warm support

·       Warm Welcomes


2.4   The presentation also outlines the local support for Deptford residents such as the Warm Welcomes at New Cross Learning and Community Advice Works.


2.5   The information will be regularly updated as services develop.


2.6   Sarah also made people aware of the support through the Social Supermarkets from Feed the Hill and Evelyn Community Centre.


2.7   As the Mayoresses were in attendance Sarah handed over to them to tell the assembly about the food services and health checks that take place a Evelyn Community Centre.


2.8   Sarah then handed over to Hojee Mann to explain about the services that residents could access through South East Energy Company.


2.9   Hojee’s presentation outlined the adverse effects that cold temperatures have on the body as well as a range discounts and support that people on low incomes could register for with their energy providers.


2.10  The presentation also outlined a range of items that can help to reduce bills.


2.11  Cllr Dacres thanked Sarah and Hojee for the information provided.



Community Updates and Other Information


3. Community Updates and Open Questions


3.1   Joyce alerting the Assembly that a Healthy Streets Strategy has been developed and Deptford will be one of two pilot areas, along with Catford. The consultation will start in early 2023.


3.2   There was a discussion regarding several issues that impact on the availability of parking for residents. These include

~ Edward Street where wardens are not always ticketing cars, trucks and traders’ vehicles

~ Warwickshire Path where there is speeding with motor bikes and scooters mounting pavements and driving across the grass.

3.3   Cllr Parry advised residents to e-mail incidents to their Cllrs with details of time and place that the incident occurs and number plates if possible as this can be used as evidence. It also helps to create a picture of impact the behaviours.


3.4   Natasha also alerted residents to the spate of mobile phones thefts by people using e-scooters to grab them on Douglas Way.


3.5   Cllr Hayes announced that Lewisham Homes will be transferring back to the Council in 2023.


3.6   Ben raised that Fiveways have had a lot of problems with Lewisham Homes; there are slippery steps which have been surveyed by Mulalley but Lewisham Homes is now undertaking its own survey which is a waste of money.


3.7   Residents asked if the transition is likely to be successful; will staff TUPE across as changes often lead to loss of staff and therefore loss of local knowledge.


3.8   Cllrs Hayes said that Haringey Council have already successfully complete the process for their housing services and they are sharing their learning with other councils who want to undertake this process.


3.9   The recent cases of problems with damp were raised and the effect this has on both physical and mental health.


3.10Can the Council cope with the amount and costs of what needs to be done?


3.11Cllr Dacres assured residents that the focus for housing will be on repairs and maintenance.


3.12It was raised that up to 90 minutes away has adverse effects on the mental health of residents and puts undue pressure on families, both financially and emotionally.


3.13Andrea raised that many of these issues require better strategic responses from the Council for instance the proposal in the Deptford Neighbourhood Plan which had identified an opportunity for empty flats on Reginald Road to be done up to provide temporary housing.


3.14Andrea also raised that the Bear Church had been knocked down without telling local residents.


3.15Sarah explained that there had been information about the proposal for development of the site at a previous Assembly meeting.


3.16The build will provide much needed homes at affordable rents for single people, a new archive space and better community facilities such as a multi-purpose cinema/music venue and a community café.


3.17Here is the link to website The Ragged Project — The Bear outlining the project which is being undertaken by the Shaftesbury Society who are the Trust have purchased the land  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Community Marketplace with information stalls, energy advice, kids crafts and activities