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Minutes Of The Meeting Held On 23 September 2020 pdf icon PDF 259 KB


RESOLVED: The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record.


Declarations Of Interest pdf icon PDF 264 KB


There were no declarations of interest.


Delivering The Recommendations Of The Local Democracy Review: Programme Update Report pdf icon PDF 251 KB


RESOLVED: Members of the LDWG noted the work undertaken across the review’s three key themes since September 2020 and agreed the next steps outlined in the report, specifically the proposal to hold a final LDWG meeting in March 2021. They also requested that training and support be offered to members in relation to the Lewisham Observatory site.


Proposals For Planning (Recommendations #25-#30) pdf icon PDF 329 KB


RESOLVED: Members of the LDWG noted the contents of the report and the changes that have already been implemented:


§  Use of closed sessions in planning committees for legal advice

§  Uploading of PowerPoint officer presentations for planning committee members

§  The preparation and use of committee informal protocol notes

§  The use of external planning training to support planning committee members

§  Permanent changes to the plan making sections of the SCI, following public consultation

§  The temporary COVID-19 related planning changes and the learning from those


In addition, they agreed:


§  Changes and improvements to the Planning web pages

§  Officers progress updates to the Local Information Requirements to require the submission community audit to accompany every major development

§  The development of a weekly list of applications for ward Cllrs to replace direct notifications

§  The introduction of regular pre-application reviews for strategic cases (virtual)

§  Preparation and updating of informal written protocols for how committees are undertaken to aid with public understanding and perception

§  Officers develop and set up a programme of member training and engagement

§  Greater use of the existing planning IT system to enable the public to monitor planning application progress

§  New acknowledgement letters prepared to be emailed when an application is received

§  Development of public consultation advice for developers and landowners for publication

§  Prepare proposals for a new SCI and any necessary associated changes to undertake engagement with relevant stakeholders including:

§  A period of engagement with community groups as to how best to formally recognise them

§  A period of engagement with Members and the public regarding possible revisions to planning committees


They also agreed the further development by officers of the approach to the automatic publication of letters of objection (to follow the latest legal guidance).


Development Of Member Role Profiles (Recommendation #45) pdf icon PDF 249 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: Members of the LDWG noted the contents of the report and agreed the draft set of member role profiles, subject to the amendments discussed at the meeting being made. They also noted that the Assistant Chief Executive and Director of Law, Governance and HR would have ongoing responsibility for ensuring that the role profiles are regularly reviewed and updated, in conjunction with members.


Update On Hybrid (Public) Committee Meetings pdf icon PDF 344 KB

Additional documents:


RESOLVED: Members of the LDWG noted the content of the report, specifically the work to date and next steps outlined in section 6. They also requested that officers provide further information about the different systems currently available to the Council for holding virtual meetings.