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Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising / Action Points pdf icon PDF 221 KB

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1.1       The minutes of the last meeting (24 March 2015) were agreed as an           accurate record.


1.2       There were no matters arising.


1.3       Action Tracker


                           The following actions were agreed:

·                    No 6 (Primary Care Development Strategy): Martin Wilkinson will discuss with Marc Rowland about the proposed model for Primary Care and feed back at 7 July HWB.


·        No 7 (Board’s vision/blueprint for whole health and care system): Closed.


·        No 9 (HWB Work Programme – JSNA priorities): Closed.


·        Nos 10 and 11 (technical actions for Kalyan DasGupta--draft agenda circulation and links into PDFs): Closed.




Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 131 KB


            There were no declarations of interest.



Adult Integrated Care Programme, Better Care Fund and Draft Joint Commissioning Intentions pdf icon PDF 198 KB


3.1      Sarah Wainer (Head of Service, Strategy, Improvement and Partnerships, Community Services, LBL) provided members with an update on Lewisham’s Adult Integrated Care Programme, the Better Care Fund and the Joint Commissioning Intentions for Integrated Care.


3.2      With respect to “Patient Experience” (Sections 6.2-6.4 of the submitted report), Dr Simon Parton stressed the importance of encouraging the public to regard GPs as a valuable asset and resort rather than as a default option.


3.3       The Board:


  • Noted the update provided on the Adult Integration Care Programme;


  • Approved the process for approving the Better Care Fund quarterly return and noted the progress on the establishment of pooled budget arrangements (Section 75) for the Better Care Fund plan;


  • Noted the findings of the joint public engagement exercise and the draft Commissioners response on the impact on the joint commissioning plans for integrated care.


  • Agreed that the draft template should be circulated to the full Board concurrently with the Chair and Vice-Chair, for possible comments from members.


  • Agreed that the final version should be signed by the Chair and Vice-Chair and circulated to the Board later.


  • Agreed that Martin Wilkinson should feed back to the 7 July 2015 HWB a progress report, focusing on some key messages from the planned engagement exercise. (The Board also noted that the co-ordination of data is already underway under the direction of the AICPB and that CYP’s work is progressing via Customer Services.)


  • Agreed that the HWB should publish the data in the interests of transparency.


  • Agreed to consider the CCG Operating Plan as an Information item. Charles Malcolm-Smith to confirm whether the item will feature in July or in September 2015.




Key Messages from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Engagement Process for Selection of Topics for 2015-16 pdf icon PDF 108 KB


4.1      Dr Danny Ruta (Director of Public Health, LBL) provided an overview of the health of the population of Lewisham and key challenges to inform the Health and Wellbeing Board and the Strategy. Additionally, he described the process for engaging stakeholders and the wider community in the selection and production of needs assessment topics for the JSNA.


4.2       The following points were highlighted:


      Lewisham continues to face notable health challenges. With a fast-growing population, these issues need to continue to be addressed through the Health and Wellbeing Board and its Strategy.


      The proposed process for engaging stakeholders and the wider community in selecting and prioritising JSNA topics for future needs assessments will ensure that the process is systematic and improved and overseen by the Health And Wellbeing Implementation Group, which is accountable to the Health and Wellbeing Board.


4.3       The following issues were raised or highlighted in the discussion:


      Radical action may be needed to address the inequality and needs, linked to poverty, of Lewisham’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) population, especially regarding their mental health needs.


      Communication, through community engagement at neighbourhood level (e.g. through the Neighbourhood Care Network), is key to addressing the community’s health and wellbeing needs.


      In key areas of risk, preventive measures should be implemented, especially targeted at children vulnerable to toxic stress, smoking, etc. Low birthweight among BAME babies is also an important area to address.


      Tony Nickson raised the issue of addressing the potential impact of impending service cuts on patients with long-term conditions.


4.4       The Board:


      Agreed the proposed process for engaging stakeholders and the wider community in the selection and production of needs assessment topics for the JSNA.


      Agreed to refer the data on the impact of impending cuts to patients with Long-Term Conditions to the Advice Consortium, which has already started to collect data.


      Thanked the writer and presenter for the report.


Children and Young People's Plan 2015-18: Engagement Process Progress Update pdf icon PDF 161 KB


5.1      Warwick Tomsett (Head of Commissioning, Performance & Strategy Resources, Children and Young People) and Catherine Bunten (Policy Manager, Commissioning, Performance & Strategy, Children and Young People, LBL) provided the Board with an update on the development of the Children and Young People’s Plan 2015-2018 (CYPP) and informed the Board of the timetable forpublication.


5.2      The following points were highlighted:


·         Children’s carers should be encouraged to take responsibility for the health of the children and to access GPs in a correspondingly responsible way.


·         Pre-birth early intervention should be used for babies at risk of low birth-weight.


·         Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) should also be used as an early intervention tool. Headstart is designed for such interventions.


5.3      The Board noted the contents of the report.



Health and Wellbeing Board Work Programme pdf icon PDF 215 KB

Additional documents:


6.         Health and Wellbeing Board Work Programme (Carmel Langstaff)


6.1       Carmel Langstaff (Service Manager, Strategy and Policy, Community        Services, LBL) presented the draft work programme for discussion and         approval.


6.2      The following issues were raised or highlighted in the discussion:

Elizabeth Butler proposed that the Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Trust should feed into the planned collaborative reports rather than producing separate ones of its own.


  • There was a request to defer the CCG operating plan to September.


6.4       The Board:


·         Agreed that the frequency of exception reporting on the HWB Strategy performance dashboard should be considered when the HWB Strategy is refreshed.


·         Agreed to a CCG update on plans developed in response to the engagement activity re: the joint commissioning intentions.


·         Agreed that the AICP update in September should focus on the neighbourhood community care model.


·         Agreed to consider a paper on approaches to tackling FGM as an information item.


·         Agreed that the Action Plan following the dementia event should be presented to the Board.


·         Agreed that the following items could be included in the work programme:

-       The South East London Strategy

-       Healthwatch update (this could be an information item)

-       Feedback from the second Quality Summit.



Information items pdf icon PDF 540 KB


A. Health and Wellbeing Strategy Implementation Group: Action Plan report

B. Update on Autism in Lewisham

C. Health and Wellbeing Performance Dashboard – Exception Reporting

Additional documents:


The items were noted.


Any Other Business


8.1       There was no other business.