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Minutes of the meeting held on 30 May 2013 pdf icon PDF 46 KB


RESOLVED: That the minutes of the meeting of 30 May 2013 be agreed as an accurate record.


Membership changes


Helen Tattersfield, Chair of Lewisham CCG, informed the Board that, owing to the pressure of her professional duties, she intended to stand down as the Chair of the CCG (and, therefore, also as the Board’s Vice-Chair). The Chair thanked Helen for her significant contribution during her involvement with the Health and Wellbeing Board, as well as with the CCG and the former Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.


Helen responded with thanks and reassured the Board that the election of her replacement would take place as soon as possible and that the CCG would continue to support the work of the Board.




Declarations of Interest pdf icon PDF 28 KB


There were no declarations of interest.



Disabled Children's Charter pdf icon PDF 73 KB

Additional documents:


Ian Smith, Director of Children’s Services, presented the report summarising the key points in the Disabled Children’s Charter. He recommended that the Board sign up to the Charter, delegating responsibility for implementation as appropriate to the Children and Young People’s Strategic Partnership Board (CYPSPB).


It was noted that the Charter would not lead to any unplanned or unanticipated financial commitments and that the Children and Young People’s Directorate has a good understanding of the future demand for disability services and support. Future plans have been developed based on analysis of robust data.




i)  The Health and Wellbeing Board agrees to sign the Disabled Children’s Charter;


ii)  The Health and Wellbeing Board delegates the production and sign-off of the implementation plan to the CYPSPB;


iii) Regular updates on the Charter will be scheduled and included in the Health and Wellbeing Board work programme.




CCG Commissioning Strategy update pdf icon PDF 255 KB


Dr Helen Tattersfield, Chair of Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group, presented the report, which provided an update on the development of Lewisham CCG’s five-year commissioning strategy. She advised that the document will be further refined.


The discussion highlighted the following points:


The priorities fit well with the strategic priority areas identified by the Health and Wellbeing Board.


As with the priorities of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, it would be important for all members to support the CCG’s strategic direction. Members of the Board will play a key role in monitoring progress against the identified priorities.




i) Consideration and review of the CCG Strategy should remain on the Board’s work programme.



Health Protection Committee pdf icon PDF 188 KB


Dr Donal O’Sullivan, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, presented a report to brief the Health and Wellbeing Board and to seek its support on the recommended actions to address health protection issues in Lewisham.


Members noted:


·         A Lewisham Health Protection Strategy Group would be established, reporting to the Health & Wellbeing Board. The terms of reference should be consistent with the outline provided in Appendix A of the submitted papers and agreed by the group.


·         A workshop will be arranged for September 2013 on the issues covered in the report. Membership of the Health Protection Strategy Group will be finalised at that workshop.


·         Top challenges within health protection include Tuberculosis and Sexual Health.


·         Health Protection is a crucial area that offers an opportunity for further synergy between Health and the Local Authority.


·         Where appropriate, other groups will be set up to address specific issues. For example, the Immunisation Group, which already exists, will be reporting to the Health Protection Group.


·         Duplication of work across groups needs to be pre-empted and avoided.


·         The first key task of the new Health Protection Strategy Group would be to review health protection plans already in place locally and identify any additional plans needed.


·         A TB action plan for Lewisham would be developed, based on recommendations in the TB Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (Autumn 2013).




i)       The Board will schedule further discussion on Health Protection at a future Board meeting.


ii)      Public Health will be invited to present an item on Resilience at a future Board meeting.



Update on recruitment of additional member from the voluntary sector


Tony Nickson, Director of Voluntary Action Lewisham, presented a report demonstrating that Voluntary Action Lewisham (VAL) has given consideration to the methods of recruitment for an additional member from the voluntary sector to the Health & Wellbeing Board. It was proposed that the additional member would:


·         represent the voluntary and community sector and have a leadership role, such as that of a trustee or a director, in an organisation that is a member of VAL;

·         have an active interest in health and social care provision in Lewisham and be able to represent a wide and diverse range of communities at the Health & Wellbeing Board;

·         be responsible for liaising with, and feeding back to, the Health and Social Care Forum (which is co-ordinated by VAL);

·         serve a term of one (1) year.


In discussing the proposal, members of the Board raised the following points:


·         On the term to be served, it would be preferable to have continuity of the member, since annual membership might disrupt their cycle of work and contribution.

·         On appointment through VAL, it would be more democratic to include non-VAL members, though any nominated person would require the endorsement of their organisation.

·         On representation, the specification should be clear that the person should not simply represent their own organisation, but be able to bring a wider Third-Sector perspective to the table.




i)    VAL be requested to run an election process to secure a representative of the Third Sector for the Health & Wellbeing Board, being mindful of the points raised by the Board during their discussions.


ii)   An agenda item will be scheduled for further update of Health and Wellbeing Board membership for the 19 September Board.



Health and Wellbeing Board Work Programme pdf icon PDF 42 KB

Additional documents:


Sarah Wainer, Head of Strategy, Improvement and Partnerships, introduced the Work Programme for comments.




·         The item on Smoking should be taken to the 19 September Board.

·         The Evaluation of Warm Homes should come for information to the 19 September Board.

·         The item on CCG Commissioning should be postponed to the 21 November Board.

·         The item on the Public Health Budget should be postponed to the 21 November Board.

·         The Integrated Health & Care item should include information and guidance on what the Board needs to do, and by when.

·         The Forward Plan needs to indicate, where possible, the progression path of each item by stating, briefly, where each report has been presented and where it will be presented next.