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Venue: Crofton Park Community Library, 375 Brockley Road, SE4 2AG

Contact: Paul Gale 020 8314 3387 

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Welcome from the Chair


Councillor Pauline Morrison Chair of the Crofton Park Assembly welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Councillor Chris Barnham. She then apologised on behalf of Councillor Roy Kennedy who was unable to make the meeting.



Update from the Crofton Park Safer Neighbourhood Team


I am PC Richard Gayle and I am the new Dedicated Ward officer For Crofton Park. I took on the role at the start of the month. Crofton Park SNT works alongside Ladywell SNT. We’ve recruited 4 new officers over the past 5 months bringing the team to a total of 15 (includes 1 PS, 11 PC’s and 3 PCSO’s). We welcomed our new sergeant Lorna Andersen who joined last month on promotion from Bromley borough.


News - The team have executed two warrants in the past two days both ending with a positive result.

We are aware of the anti-social behaviour issues taking place in Crofton Park, including;


           The youths on mopeds

           Hanging around outside the shops along Brockley Road,

           Street drinkers



We are working to resolve the problem in the very near future and are working with the shop owners to achieve this goal and are looking at potentially putting a dispersal zone in place which will allow us request such individuals to leave the locality. Although I can’t promise this, we are exploring every avenue to ensure the problem is tackled as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Crime Figures - Overall burglary is down on our ward compared to last year


April -13

May - 9

June +1


Robbery was up


April +8

May +6

June +1


We believe this was due to one juvenile male who has since been arrested and we’re hoping to see a dramatic drop in that figure this month.


Theft from motor vehicle was also up


April +4

May +9

June -6


Theft of motor vehicle is down


April -1

May - 6

June -2


These figures are a comparison on last year.


Neighbourhood Watch - We are always keen to set up new neighbourhood watch groups. So if you leave on a road that hasn’t got one and you would be interested in starting up one for your road let me know and we can definitely look into that.


Reminder - With the ‘warm weather’ just be mindful of leaving windows and doors open, if you pop out make sure they are closed and locked, even if it is not the ground floor of the property.

There have been a few instances across the borough where entry has been made from windows on the second floor of properties.



Crofton Park Neighbourhood Forum


Kay from the Neighbourhood forum gave a summary of where they are at with their engagement on the neighbourhood plan. The outputs so far are:

1. an emerging neighbourhood strategy with broad vision and objectives

2. a site opportunity assessment (carried out by the technical support consultants). this identifies areas for protection as well as future redevelopment


The highlights of the strategy include:

1.need to improve the public realm with better green chain connections to the main parks in and around the area and improve access to nature

2. need to improve cycling provision, especially as part of Brockley Corridor improvements

3. need to ensure that the opportunity sites deliver affordable family housing, to maintain the family orientated neighbourhood

4. protect some of the better architecture and buildings of community asset value through formal designations



The forum would like comments and feedback to ensure the plan is developing in line with everyone's input and views. The documents will be circulated within the next couple of weeks for comment.


The following need to be taken up by the Local Assembly and discussed with Lewisham to look at how they are addressed:

1. Lack of litter bins around fast food shops

2. Consistent fly tipping on corner of Darfield Road, Brockley Grove/Brockley Road junction, Mannock Road

3. One way streets on Darfield Road, Merrit Road

4. The need for residents/ controlled parking around Honor Oak station as residents complaining they cannot find parking spaces due to people leaving their cars at the station

5. Double parking around takeaway shops to collect takaways causing traffic to backup

6. Antisocial behaviour and suspicion of drug use around Blythe Hill Tavern corner/chicken takeaway shop on Stanstead road.



Air Quality Improvement in Crofton Park and Public Art Project


My name is Chris Howard and I’m in the Environmental Protection Team. I have been asked to give an update on the measures being introduced to help improve air quality in the area:


My previous manager and the air quality officer gave an update to this assembly last year on the air quality measures/projects that were being considered and funded through the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. They have both subsequently left the Council so I’m picking up on managing the projects.


Greenscreen I understand questions have been raised about the proposal the Team has been progressing in introducing a Greenscreen at Dalmain School. Before my involvement different locations were considered and Dalmain School was the favoured location for the following reasons


           The School and more importantly the playground is directly adjacent to Brockley Rise near the junction with Stanstead Road, where it has a 42 metre fence line.

           In this area there has been Nitrogen Dioxide levels measured through diffusion tubes for several years and these are exceeding the limit values.

           Children are particularly susceptible to adverse affects from poor air quality and so measures to reduce the exposure was an important consideration.


The Proposal - The proposal is to introduce plantings of Confederate Jasmine which will trail up and along the blue palisade fencing covering the whole length and eventually the height. There will be troughing introduced on the School side, so it won’t be visible from the street and a micro irrigation system will be provided from the school water system. All that you’ll be able to see will be the planting and when in season, it has a white flower. The plant is ever green and has a small leaf and dense coverage. There is some research that shows the benefits of plant coverage with small leaves in absorbing pollutants from the air.


We have chosen the supplier and we’re now ready to put together a contract with the aim for the installation to be completed during the end of the October half term. I’ve been meeting and communicating with the Head Teacher and one of the Governors on a fairly regular basis to get an agreed scheme. The school was keen to have a low maintenance option to reduce the ongoing costs.


Other Project Areas - The Mayor Air Quality Fund is also being used to help fund the transport design changes, which Simon will be covering. The best option for reducing air quality affects is through directly tackling the source of the pollution which is the road traffic.


There are also ways of bringing behavioural change through education and awareness.


Tom will give some feedback on the art project, which is looking to raise awareness on air quality issues along the Brockley Road and Brockley Rise corridor.


Funds have also been directed to a School air quality engagement project. This has been carried out in 5 local primary schools and has recently been completed. There were 9 teaching sessions,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Update on Progress of Proposals for the Crofton Brockley Corridor


2014/15 – Corridor Study


·        To study the transport issues along the B218 corridor

·        To identify concept-stage solutions which might be feasible and affordable

·        To consult with the public at this early stage of development. 


1 April 2015 - Public consultation and presentation to Local Assemblies

16 June 2015 – Response from Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park Forum


All comments will be captured and taken into the next design stage.


Prioritisation of Crofton Park


·        the most accidents,

·        the highest concentration of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2),

·        high movement function – high footfall, traffic, bus stops, rail station,



Quietway - High place function – the largest shopping parade, the library and the station


Accident analysis - Crofton Park has most accidents.Honor Oak Park and Southern Gateway have fewer, but are more highly concentrated.


Other measures proposed to help address these:

·        Borough-wide 20mph limit, and associated calming

·        liaising with TfL on crossing facilities at the south circular;

·        red-light enforcement camera at Honor Oak Park to enforce speeds;

·        air quality measures


Next steps

·        Current stage complete

·        Preliminary design and further public consultation 2015/16

·        Detailed engineering design (lighting, drainage, utilities etc...) March 2016 will be completed followed by the works. 

·        On site in Spring 2016/17.  




Community information


There being no other business Cllr Morrison thanked everyone for coming along to the assembly and advised the attendees that the next meeting will be on Wednesday 14 October at St Saviour’s.