Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Honour Oak Community Centre, 50 Turnham Road, Brockley, London SE4 2JD

Contact: Abdul Sayed Email:  020 8314 9118

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Welcome from the Chair


Cllr Joan Millbank welcomed everyone, introduced herself and fellow Cllrs Paul Bell and Dan Whittle, the agenda for the evening, and invited presentations from speakers.


Building Community - Presentations


Food Service: Pastor David Brown from Living Waters Christian Centre (LWCC) presented on the food services they provide to people in need. They meets at Honor Oak Centre and are open to the public every Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm. Since October 2013 their name has slightly changed to LWCC Food Service to reflect their clients diverse needs. Their services have since included provision of information on professional groups and organisations that exist in the borough, distribution of food vouchers through groups and organisations that come into contact with people in need.


Pastor David further explained how they operate:

  • They have two teams. One of them works on collecting food from supermarkets and the other on distributing the collected food to those in need. Alcohol is not included in the distribution. All team members are trained volunteers.
  • Beneficiaries from the service have to show proof of benefit claim, hardship and address to qualify for food collection.
  • Different premises are used for food distribution.
  • They work in partnership with schools, local community groups, and have supported the launch of “faith fund” in October 2013.
  • Receive support from TESCO and are currently in touch with restaurant chains. 


Honor Oak Community Centre (HOCC): Steve McGann – Centre Manager – gave an overview on the history, management structure and current services HOCC provide. Steve explained that the Centre was built in 1981 and  has since been managed by a community-led Premises Management Committee (PMC).  Originally the Centre was under the Honor Oak Estate Neighbourhood Association (HOENA). Since 2004 the Honor Oak Community Centre Association (HOCCA) was formed with the sole remit of managing the Centre. In 2006 over 20 organisations used the Centre on a daily, weekly of monthly basis. The Centre recently went through change in management and cuts in grants from the Council. To offset the grant reduction a working group has been set up that will work on increasing revenue and putting together a “way forward” plan.


HOCC currently works in partnership with “60Up”, which is an elderly group that uses the centre every Thursday from 11:30am to 2pm. Other partners include Just Older Youth (JOY) that provide “digital       inclusion classes”. Volunteers have been recruited to use the Centre’s            ICT Suite to initiate an internet café. Strong links have also been       established with youth clubs, Goldmisth’s College, Community           Education Lewisham, Lewisham Homes, Youth Clubs etc.


Steve stated that establishing more day-time community use is a priority and that they are currently are seeking to:

                     Strengthen and consolidate the role that volunteers play in the   Centre

                     Set up social enterprise classes aimed at local NEET young     people

                     Establish facilities for information, advice and guidance for local           people

                     Initiate parenting support groups


They are also looking to recruit volunteers with skills to:

                     Support the management committee

                     Undertake community research

                     Support the internet cafe

                     Publicise the Centre

                     Support the elder people’s group



Assembly Fund Allocations and Ward Priorities for 2013-14


TH Assembly Priorities and Fund: Cllr Joan Millbank went through ward priorities and funding allocations, which included:


i.                                                              Children and Young People – key objectives:  being healthy,        being confident ,increasing life skills through informal education, enhancing employment opportunities including access to                training and       apprenticeships, promote inter-generational         connections.

ii.                                                            Community Wellbeing – key objectives:  resilient communities, healthy communities,  informed and engaged communities.

iii.                                                          Local Community Organisations – key objectives: capacity building (skills, knowledge, resources), building collaboration amongst groups to increase local impact

iv.                                                          Safety, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour – key objectives: safe at home and safe on streets, estate action, reduce noise and nuisance

v.                                                            Local environment – key objectives:  clean and green streets, estates and neighbourhoods, safety on roads, maintained trees


Recommendations for Ward Assembly Funding 2013-14 ( to be spent by November 2014):


£15,000 available in 2013 -14, allocated as follows: 

  1. Children and Young People  - £,5000 
  2. Community Wellbeing - £5,000

3.   Local Community Organisations – £5,000


Proposals Received and Recommended (to date):

A. Kender Summer Adventure 2014 : A collaboration between two neighbouring  tenants and residents Association ( Kender TRA and Kender Triangle TRA). The plan is to take children aged 5 and upwards who would not otherwise get a holiday, living in social housing away on a 4 day activity weekend during the late August bank holiday 2014. Outcomes include building children’s confidence, strengthen family relationships, increased community engagement. Request for £5,000 under Children and Young People  and Community Wellbeing


B. Digital Discovery: This project is a collaboration between JOY (Just Older Youth) and the Honor Oak Community Centre Association (HOCCA), to run  24 x 2 hour computer/technology sessions for older adults (50+) to counter the effects of digital exclusion and to demystify digital technology.  Outcomes include building skills. overcoming disadvantage, reduce social isolation. Request for £2,330 under Community Wellbeing.


C. Community Weekend: To meet the cost of running a 3rd annual community engagement and information days across the ward where local community groups and voluntary organisation showcase their services and activities, volunteering opportunities and trustee needs to local residents. Request for £2,500 under Local Community Organisations (plus £566 underspend from 2012-13 allocation – see below).


Total Recommended Expenditure to date = £9,830. Funds Remaining  = £5,170


Assembly have unanimously agreed the above proposals as presented by Cllr Joan Millbank. A fourth project proposal submitted by New Cross Gate Trust was differed for more further consultation at community network meetings.


Cllr Millbank also explained 2012/13 assembly funds as follows:


Total funds allocated in 2012-13 = £18,750


Underspend at November 2013 =  £10,946


Revised committed expenditure = £6,446


Carry Forward underspend to 2013-14  = £4,500                  


Assembly unanimously agreed to the above proposal.




Update on Lewisham Hospital


·        Judicial review won

·        Cllr Paul Bell emphasised the importance of an organisation known as “Monitor” in protecting and saving the NHS.

·        Assembly participants were encouraged to subscribe to “Monitor”.


Community information


·        Anthony Lukan – Diabetes Champion – gave overview on diabetic health issues. Explained symptoms of diabetes such as extreme thirsty and urine rush, especially at night. There are two types of diabetes: insulin dependent, mostly affects children and young adults; and insulin resistant. The latter starts gradually. Afro-Caribbean and Asians are more likely to be affected by this than white members of the community.

At present there 3 million people with diabetes in the UK. 400 people are diagnosed with the symptom every day.

·        Cllr Millbank stated that Brockley Fire Station is up for closure

·        ShalenaHaughton-Peters from Lewisham Youth Service shared information that two days a week youth activities are taking place, and that currently staff are being recruited.