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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: TNG Youth Centre 111 Wells Park Road SE26 6AD

Contact: Laura Luckhurst 0208 314 3830 

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Welcome from the Chair


Cllr Onikosi opened the meeting and welcomed all those present




Byna, a ten year old pupil from St.  Bartholomew’s School performed a short piece on the viola, and received enthusiastic applause.  Cllr Onikosi thanked her, praised her playing and wished her much success in future.


Setting our priorities for 2016/17


The priorities from 2015/16 were discussed in small groups.

Q: has work on the previous priorities been completed?

A: Most of them are on-going work, however it is felt that unemployment is a borough-wide issue, and it would be appropriate to change this priority.


The following priorities for 2016/17 were proposed and agreed by casting of votes:


Priority                                                                                              Votes Cast

Vibrant High Street                                                                                                  17

Clean and Green - helping to keep streets clean and appealing                   18

Bringing the community together – intergenerational and intercultural        16

Health, Wellbeing and community safety                                                                       17

Community Safety                                                                                                   17



Launch of the Assembly fund


Cllr Onikosi announced the launch of the Assembly Fund, which is open to projects benefitting people who live, work or learn in the ward and which meet the above priorities.  There is £12,500 available to distribute and the maximum grant will be £2,500.  The deadline to apply is 3rd November, and final funding recommendations will be made at the December Assembly on 3rd December.


Certitude Mental Health Peer Support service


Vanessa Crouch gave a short presentation on the Certitude “Solidarity in a Crisis” service which is now available in Lewisham.  This is an out of hours telephone Helpline run by peer supporters – people who have experienced mental health crises themselves.  The service is available:


Monday – Friday: 6.00pm – 12.00 midnight

Saturday & Sunday: 12.00 midday – 12.00 midnight

Freephone: 0300 123 1922

Or text on: 0788 9756 087 / 0788 9756 083

Or email:


They will also call people back if they call outside the service hours, and will make referrals if people need other services.  They take referrals from A&E.

They work with people aged 14+, and are partnering with other agencies including SLAM and Community Connections.


Black History Film Screening


A short film was shown, describing the many important inventions of black scientists over the past century and more. 


Black History Month Event


Natasha Dhondee spoke about the community festival event planned to celebrate Black History Month, at Home Park by Sydenham Community Library, from 12.00 – 6.00 pm on 29th October.  A variety of fun activities had been arranged including African drumming, storytelling, stalls, bouncy castle – all free on the day.  £70 funding had been received.  Natasha was congratulated on her efforts by councillors.  No funding was available from the assembly Fund due to the timescale, however it was agreed to consider a grant from Councillors Discretionary fund.  Other help in kind was also available e.g. printing leaflets.  Sydenham Radio also offered to help promote.  Natasha was advised to begin planning earlier in the year for a future event.


Feedback from 2015/16 funded projects


Action for Hearing Loss

AHL has 6 drop in venues around the borough including Sydenham Library, providing support for people in the community with hearing loss.  This includes help with hearing aids, information, good communications practice, understanding tinnitus.  Using two volunteers they have provided 45 drop in sessions from November 2015 – August 2016.  The grant from Sydenham Assembly supported 2 drop in sessions at Sydenham Library.  It is the busiest drop in of the borough.  They work with care homes an have trained 3 volunteers, volunteer recruitment is on-going.  It is much valued by the users, saving them long bus journeys to see a specialist.  It is hoped to extend the service beyond March 2017.



TNG Film club – Deniz Amoah

This is an intergenerational film project where films likely to be of interest to older people are shown at the TNG youth centre.

The TNG centre is a youth centre frequented by young people from the local area. The film group on Friday day time is the main activity which invites older people to use the centre. Due to the young people’s schedules, they do not have the opportunity to spend time with the members of the older people’s film group as they are normally at school or college.  The film club aims to get older and young people involved together in putting on a programme of films based in TNG.

Q: do you have a mailing list?

A: we use community connections

Q: what is the room capacity

A: 30 but we can hold up to 50 if seating arranged differently

Q: are you showing any Black History films?

A: we may do so next year

Q: What aged group is the club aimed at

A: older people


Sydenham Arts – Isabel White

Cllr Onikosi mentioned the meal that Isabel White had shared with the winner of the childrens poetry prize and the positive impact it had on the young person who met Isabel.

Isabel invited other groups present e.g. TNG and the Black History Month festival, to make contact with Sydenham Arts for help in promoting their activities.

Sydenham arts runs an all-year-round programme.  Last year, Sydenham Assembly supported them in making Sydenham a “poetry town”.  Activitries included poetry in shops, at Sydenham school for Girls, Story time at the library using illustrated poems, a community poem and competition for children.  The aim was to make poetry a daily part of our lives in Sydenham. The project has had an impact – Kirkdale bookshop now say poetry is their biggest selling genre.  The November High St. Happenings will include poetry and Chinese classical music (NB this was subsequently rearranged).  Sydenham Arts are happy to link up with other arts events.

Q: as part of Sydenham Wells Park Improvement – would it be possible to have poetry in the park?

A: yes – please get in touch!


Ilse Towler – Friends of Sydenham Library

Ilse reported on the Crafts programme which had been run using Assembly grant  ...  view the full minutes text for item 8.


Update on the Sydenham Centre & community updates


Sydenham Centre

Refurbishment and upgrading is on-going, we continue to work closely with Sydenham Arts and others to put the AV system in place. 

Section 106 money is available from St. Clements Heights development.   A proposal was put to the Assembly to use this for furnishings at the Sydemham Centre including soft furnishings to improve the acoustic qualities, as follows:


The proposal as follows received unanimous support:

Curtains (stage, windows, door and drapes)                  £4.082.98

Carpet tiles                                                                            £1,580

Tables (6 Oblong folding)                                                   £462

Stackable chairs (75)                                                          £450


Total of                                                                                  £6,574.98


budget £6,225 – savings will need to be made.



St. Christophers Hospice 50th Anniversary

Anna spoke about the initiative to upgrade the education centre facilities of their world leading centre for end of life research and education.  St. Christoher’s want ot build a new education centre, and will be holding a public consultation on 20th October.  She encouraged people to take a flyer from the registration desk and attend the consultation. 

Q: what other efforts are being made to promote this?

A: There will be 20,000 leaflet drops locally, also through Sydenham Society and social media.


Freeway Union

Koleena Stewart reported that Freeway Union is now working at Home Park where they have some raised beds.  They aim to support people with mental health needs through gardening. They are planning a Caribbean and African themed BBQ and tour of the community garden to coincide with the BHM event in Home Park on 29th October, and encouraged people to attend.

They were thanked for their input and encouraged to work together with Certitude.

More on Freeway Union at:


Sydenham Radio – Tom

Radio Sydenham is currently being developed, and is hoped to be on air in 2017.  A BBC producer is supporting the project.  The aim is to have training for young people in radio production, script writing etc.

Q: How can we listen to it?

A: It will be internet based

Cllr Onikosi requested the launch date – Tom said this will be in the first week of January and more information would be available nearer the date.


Memorial event for Hilary Jarrett: Isabel White informed the assembly of this event at Sydenham Centre, 3.00 – 5.00 pm Saturday 8th October.



Community Safety Update


There was no report from SNT team.


Halloween activities


This had been covered above under SEE3 funding feedback.


Sydenham Arts - future programme


This had been covered under Sydenham Arts funding feedback


General Q & A - Councillor panel


Q: A resident requested a Controlled Parking Zone in their street due to parking problems.

A: The process for this is to collect evidence from residents in the same street or area showing the problems being experienced, and their support for a CPZ, and upload this evidence to the London Borough of Lewisham website, where you are able register the location of the CPZ requested and reasons for needing it.

To comment on an existing CPZ or request a new CPZ, follow this link to the LB Lewisham website and complete the on-line questionnaire:

Q: A problem with speeding traffic was report.

A: The person was invited to see their councillor individually after the meeting to discuss the problem.

Q: Concerns about the proposals for changed access to Our Lady and St. Philip Neri school.

A: This consultation is on-going, concerns should be fed into the consultation.


Assembly Feedback


Those present were invited to complete their feedback and evaluation forms which were on seats. 




The meeting closed at 9.05 pm