Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Sydenham Community Library, Sydenham Road SE26 5SE

Contact: Paul Gale 

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Welcome from the Chair Cllr Chris Best


Cllr Chris Best Chair of the Sydenham Assembly welcomed everyone to the Sydenham Assembly and introduced Cllr Liam Curran and Cllr Rachel Onikosi. She then told the Assembly that Cllr Curran will be chairing the meetings in 2015 and then Cllr Onikosi the following year.


Updates from previous meetings

Planning issues                                                           written reply      

·     The Greyhound

·     Enforcement issues

·     Progress on vacant sites


Highways issues                                                         written reply                                                

·     Station Approach

·     Traffic flow

·     Improvements lower Sydenham



            2.1             Planning issues written reply 

The Greyhound - The Greyhound

At the last Assembly meeting a referral was made to the Mayor and Cabinet meeting on the 1 October - 


The Council's strategy for rebuilding the Greyhound Public House is set out in the report to Mayor and Cabinet on the 22nd October 2014 - .


This report states that having taken legal advice, the Council will seek to enforce the provisions of the existing May 2010 planning consent. Schedule I0 of the legal agreement places an obligation, amongst others, on the Owner of the land to 'construct and complete the Restoration and Refurbishment Works, in accordance with details that have been approved by the Council.'


Purelake formally submitted a planning application at the end of October 2014 under Section 96a of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 for a non material amendment in connection with the planning permission DC/09/72790 dated 24 May 2010 for the partial demolition of The Greyhound Public House, 309-315 Kirkdale SE26 and full restoration to create a self-contained Use Class A3/A4 unit in the centre of a new public square, the construction of two new, part three/part four/part five-storey residential blocks, containing 40 residential units, with commercial uses (Class A1, A3 and A4) on the ground floor, restoration of the Spring Hill building, including removal of the existing pitched roof and the addition of a second storey, together with the provision of associated private amenity space, 11 parking spaces, motorcycle parking, storage for 56 cycles, refuse storage facilities and servicing, plus alterations to the existing access from Spring Hill and closure of the existing access from Kirkdale, in order to undertake alterations that include; - The retention of an enlarged basement; - The omission of a rear elevation window; - Amendment to the flank elevation regarding the proposed sliding door; - The formation of a chimney to accommodate internal ventilation ducting.


The Council is currently assessing detailed plans that have been formally submitted including the retention of the enlarged basement, reconstruction of the roof and fenestration. 


In addition in accordance with Schedule 10, considering the lack of protection afforded to the Greyhound for such a sustained period, and the cracks that have formed to areas of the front elevation, Purelake has been requested to submit further information by the 3 December.  This includes a structural survey of the existing building and suitable measures that will be undertaken to safeguard it when works recommence. 

When all information has been submitted and assessed by officers, the Council will seek to formally resolve these issues as a matter of urgency, thereby enabling works to begin on site. The applicant has indicated that the intention is to have work completed by April 2015.


Enforcement issues - Overall, given limited resources the Council’s Planning Service prioritises enforcement cases where there is significant harm to amenity. The agreed priorities are:

1st Priority Cases - where works are being carried out which cause irremediable harm, for example, works to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 82.


Presentation on waste David Brinson


Dave Brinson, Waste Initiatives & Prevention Officer from the Environment & Community Development Department gave the following presentation (see appendix a)

Questions from the floor:

Q The green bag garden waste system is expensive and doesn’t always work, is it going to improve?

A Currently the Council are trying to look at ways to improve garden waste collection in the borough and will be starting consultation over the next few months.

Q Surely there should be somewhere south of the borough that we can take our green waste to? As it is not green to have to put it in a car and travel across the borough to dispose of it.

A. We have looked at space south of the borough, there is an issue with the cost of land but we are looking into a review on options and how to make improvements across all the borough and including all types of waste.

Q. What about oil disposal?

A. We are looking at getting (cooking) oil recycling banks across the borough.

Q. Are there any plans for hot compost bins?

A. Hot composting bins are very expensive and we don't have the finances to be able to even attempt to subsidise them. The cheapest we could find came in at £80, but the good quality ones start at around £150. We currently pay under £10 for the regular ones and that is why we can still give them away for free. But this is not guaranteed to go on forever.

Q. What is the enforcement on fly tipping?

A. Dave explained that he would take this request back to the department as he doesn’t cover this area

Enforcement information is now provide below in appendix b


Appendix B

Enforcement Stats   2013/14          2014/15 so far

Prosecutions            6          9

FPNs Issued 152     215

FPNs Paid     24%    70.50%


PN Breakdown         2013/14          2014/15 so far

Waste Duty of Care 31        124

Littering          33        47

Unlawful Street Trading     54        26

Commercial Waste  0          3


Fly-tipping removal stats: April 2014 to October 2014

Average clearance time 2.25 days

55% of jobs collected within 1 day

Cllr Onikosi added that this was a big issue across Lewisham and urged residents to help the council to try and tackle the issue by reporting offenders.


Bids for Sydenham Assembly funds £12,500

·      Funding events in Sydenham high street

·      Funding to enable events on the Sydenham library piazza

·      Funding Street Trees

·      Support for setting up new Residents Associations

·      Funding creative surface on rear wall at Station Approach


           Funding events in Sydenham high street - £2,500

This bid will provide entertainment/activities as part of the SEE3 Sydenham market and will support other activities in the high street including Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Sydenham Arts Festival and other family themed and community events.


           Funding to enable events on the Sydenham library piazza - Total £3,200:

Music and stories for under -fives - Sydenham Community Library- £1,200

The project will involve music sessions for under fives and their carers.  A musician and a storyteller will lead, and children and parents/carers will participate.  They already have percussion instruments, bells etc for the children to play.   The musician will play the guitar and the saxophone.  Children will benefit from the therapeutic effects of live music, and will learn words and tunes.  Participation in a structured session will aid concentration.  Parents/carers benefit from a social activity, and may gain ideas for creative play with their children. Sessions already take place with a large number of mothers and children attending, and they would like funding to ensure that these continue.


Bringing the Literary Piazza to life – Sydenham Arts Funding- £2,000

A series of linked arts, literary and other creative activities to be held, mainly in the open air on and around the Literary Piazza between March and November 2015, under the umbrella of Sydenham Arts’ year-round programme of events, and supported throughout by the friends of Sydenham Community Library, and the Friends of Home Park


           Funding creative surface on rear wall at Station Approach - £1,300- Joyce Treasure

Sydenham Approach Street Art project would brighten up the square outside Sydenham Station. This will make it attractive to local people and visitors coming to and from Sydenham station.

The project will place Sydenham on the street art map attracting visitors and support artists giving them a platform for their work. 

It will give one young person the opportunity to work with a street artist and see their design on a panel.

Annabel from the Sydenham Society asked why Station approach had been chosen, it has received a huge amount of investment from Tfl and Lewisham, it is a conservation area and questioned the appropriateness for street art in this location.  She also asked that if this bid is successfully voted in, would it go through the same consultation process as the Mosaic project went through in terms of bringing designs back to the assembly on a regular basis and going through a planning application in the same way as the Mosaic project.

She added that a garden theme as opposed to an urban theme might be more appropriate for this location.

Joyce explained that 18 months ago, a SEE3 creative workshop took place, which included local artists and it was highlighted in that meeting that this would be beneficial for the area. She also added that they intend to use internationally recognised street artists who are very sensitive to local needs.

Joyce assured the assembly that if the project can go ahead,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 84.


Join the Sydenham Assembly Coordinating Group Pat Trembath

·        Feedback forms – agenda items next meeting

·        Volunteer to edit the Sydenham Assembly Newsletter


Pat Trembath highlighted the importance of completing the feedback forms and invited members to join the coordinating group which plans the assembly and discusses local issues and updates. If you would like to join contact for further information.


           Volunteer to edit the Sydenham Assembly Newsletter  

Barry Milton is standing down from his role of Sydenham Assembly newsletter editor and was given a  round of applause and thanked for all his hard work. A plea was made for a volunteer to take over this task. If you are interested please contact or


Information items and open questions and answers

·        Volunteers for Christmas event on Saturday 13 December

·        Entertainment for Sydenham market on 2nd Saturday of the month



           Volunteers for Christmas event on Saturday 13 December –

Sydenham market Extravaganza – activities include, market, local musicians, craft workshops, community concert , with the Frockets leading up to the lighting up of the Christmas tree.

           Future of Sydenham Community Radio-

Darren Taylor sent his apologies

           Update from Friends of Sydenham Library

Anthony Scully, Chair of Friends of Home Park and Friends of Sydenham Community Library thanked all the people who volunteered to help make the library and all its events and activities the success that they are.

A special thank you was given to Ilse Tower

If you would to become a member or would like further information, or have any ideas you would like to share, please Anthony Scully at


Sedgehill School, Martin Power-Davis? representing on behalf of a group of Sedgehill parents and students.

They are very angry that Sedgehill school has been given a week to answer to the Council’s suggestion that the school is a failing school. They think that a deliberate attempt is being created so that if the Governors appeal does not go through, it will result in the Governors being sacked and the head teacher will be dismissed and replaced by a new head from an academy in Bethnal Green. They appealed for support from the community to oppose these plans so that a proper consultation can take place on the future of Sedgehill School.


Zanzibar Update- Lee Jasper

Lee explained that there has been a change in ownership and they are focusing on community based day time services and opening the club as a Hub for strategic engagement involving the Sydenham forum, local businesses and residents.

In the New Year they plan to run international and national conferences on issues that effect local and wider communities. They are producing a newsletter outlining information and how you can get involved. They look forward to working with the assembly in the future.

Q. Resident Simon is concerned about the 3 proposed license extensions to 5am over the Christmas and new year period and the disturbances it will cause.

A. Christmas and New Year is the biggest season for music events. However they have had a second public consultation meeting regarding this and prior to submitting the license application. He explained that they have also changed the music club policy and now attract music for mature people. He assured the assembly that they operate very differently than the previous owners and have made a range of changes including setting the sound lower than the legal limit, shutting the bar half an hour before closing and introducing a Dispersal and control policy. They are working with the police and the local community in order to be an exemplary business going forward.


Cllr Onikosi gave a special acknowledgment and thank you to Cllr Best for all her work over the 28 Sydenham Assemblies.


Dates for the next Assembly meetings

·      Wednesday 11 March 2015 – 7pm at Sydenham Centre



           Wednesday 11 March 2015 – 7pm at the Sydenham Centre



Refreshments from 3.30pm followed by the launch of the Sydenham literary piazza



Cllr Best thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

The meeting closed at 3.45pm.