Council meetings

Agenda and minutes

Venue: The Sydenham Centre, Sydenham High Street , next to Post office SE26 5QX

Contact: Maya Onyett 

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Introduction and welcome Cllr Chris Best (Chair)


Cllr Chris Best welcomed everyone to the Sydenham Assembly and gave a warm introduction to new Councillor Rachel Onikosi.



Minutes and updates from previous meeting on 4 March

            2.1       Planning issues –                                                              Gavin Cooper         

·        The Greyhound                                                                 

·        Enforcement issues

·        Progress on vacant sites


            2.2       Highways issues -                                                             Written reply

·        Station Approach

·        Footbridge on Dacres Road


2.3       Skanska Streetlighting issues                                        Written reply

·        Heritage columns in Conservation Areas



2.1Planning Issues – The Greyhound

Gavin Cooper, from Lewisham Planning, provided an update on the Greyhound. He stressed this was a top priority for Lewisham’s Planning Department to resolve. He explained they are still waiting for one of the parties to sign the current Deed of Variation. There is a meeting on Friday to discuss Purelake submitting a new planning application which will hopefully enable them to commence work without the need for a Deed of Variation. Following planning approval the expectation is that, by the end of the year, Purelake will be back on site to make the building water tight as a priority, and then find an operator to bring the building back into use.


Q Is Sainsburys still going ahead?

A. Sainsburys are still interested in the retail unit at 313 Kirkdale


Q. Are Purelake liaising with the community over new plans?

A. As a Council we will be consulting with the Sydenham Society and other community groups prior to the submission of the new planning application.  Once the new planning application is submitted there will be the statutory 3 week consultation period for comments and, if necessary, a public meeting for Purelake to present their proposals.


Cllr Best outlined the variations and a way forward;

  • To retain the existing use of A3/A4 and open before 8am in the morning so there could be trade for commuters to pick breakfast
  • Arrange a round table pre-application meeting with interested parties including community reps to discuss the new application with Purelake
  • A new planning application to be submitted in August if a pre-meeting can take place in July
  • There will then be the statutory 3 week consultation in August/September to give the community the opportunity to comment
  • Fast track to a Planning Committee meeting in the autumn so that Purelake can be on site at the earliest opportunity.


Cllr Best added that it is in the interest of all of us to get this eyesore sorted out and discuss face to face with Purelake that the community wants to see the building rebuilt with the existing planning use. As a Councillor, working with Cllr Curran and Cllr Onikosi, she will push to keep this moving, and hopes to have a result by Christmas.

Action: Cllr Best to report back at the next meeting



177 Sydenham Road – the church has now ceased following an enforcement notice.

There are currently limited resources within the Council so these resources are used for high priority cases and complaints had been received from neighbours of noise nuisance. 


Vacant sites

22-24 Sydenham Road – on going and the Council is happy with the design.  The issue is the provision of affordable housing which at the moment is not included and poses a major issue for the Council. An update will be provided at the next meeting.

Action: Sydenham Assembly Coordinator to ensure there is an update for the next meeting


2.2  ...  view the full minutes text for item 62.


Presentation on health issues

·        Healthwatch                                                                        Miriam Long

·        CCG/GPs                                                                              Lorna Hughes

·        Public Health



Healthwatch - Miriam Long


Healthwatch has been set up by an Act of Parliament in 2012, the Health & Social Care Act and there is a Healthwatch set up in every local authority across England.

Healthwatch Lewisham was set up in April 2013 with the primary aim of finding out what people think about local health and care services. This includes GP’s, Care Homes, Auxiliary Care, Opticians or people with personal budgets for long term conditions etc.

This is fed back to Commissioners with the aim of improving services.

Other services Healthwatch offers are:

·        sign posting service, all queries are logged on a confidential database.

·        Survey’s, currently looking at Discharge facilities

·        Recruiting volunteers

·        Currently recruiting for a chair for Healthwatch Lewisham

·        Monitoring of services


Priorities include:

1.      Access to Primary Care services (GP’s, dentists, pharmacies)

2.      Mental Health services

3.      Integrated Care for long term conditions


For link to annual report:

For link to complete Discharge services survey:


For full presentation and further information including how to receive a Healthwatch ebulletin contact Miriam Long on

Info.     020 7 998 7796

Or visit

CCG/ GP’s- Lorna Hughes, Head of Public Engagement at Clinical Commissioning Group CCG


The CCG (Clinical commissioning Group) has been introduced by the Government to replace Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to allow local GPs to be in charge of planning, buying and monitoring most health care services. Essentially the CCG is here to help provide services for the public in the way they want to receive them. It is funded by NHS England with a £365 million budget per annum for commissioning services.


Works with various partners, including Healthwatch, to gain independent views on health and social care. There is a 5 year commissioning Strategy, with services commissioned in 2 year blocks.


Priorities are:

1.      Frail and elderly people

2.      Long term conditions

3.      Children and Maternity services

4.      Mental Health

5.      Primary Care development

6.      Improved care for Health and Social care- Integration programme

7.      Urgent care

8.      Health promotion


South East London Strategy for the 6 South East London Borough’s is being created and is open for comment, go to


Lorna invited residents to join their local Practice Participation group, all GP’s have these meetings held 1- 2 times per year to talk about local priorities.

She is also interested in consulting with local people on the format and content of public documents, and inviting residents to consultation events such as the Quality of Health and Social Care Summit held at the end of March at the Civic Suite.


She added that members of the public are welcome to attend the CCG’s Governing Body meetings and that she is open to meeting local groups to talk about the CCG and find out residents views and experiences.

For further information please contact:

Tel:  020 7206 3200


Or visit


Cllr Best added that  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.


Police update PC Emma Sweetman


On Saturday 31st May 14 at about 8.30pm on Wells Park Road James Hunter was fatally stabbed in the chest along with a second youth who survived. Five people have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder and GBH. They are currently awaiting trial.

The police are appealing for witnesses and any information.

Public meetings have been held at the TNG. PC Sweetlove wanted to reassure and clarify that the incident was not gang related and had nothing to do with the TNG Centre which was closed at the time.

The Community Safety Team added that following the meetings, the feedback has been that confidence in public services is low, not just in the police.


A Problem Solving Plan is underway for the Wells Park area and includes L&Q Housing Trust and Lewisham Homes, as well as the TNG and Youth services. It will begin with a public survey, followed by forming a public sub group to look at the results. They also want to reignite the local Tenants and Residents Associations to find out what people want and how confidence in services can be improved.


PC Sweetlove added that she is taking email addresses for residents who want email updates on crime in the area. If you would like to add your email contact

You can also read Sgt Mandy Ritchies regular Tweet updates on

There is also a Family Open day at Lewisham Police station on Sunday 29th June from 10am – 3pm.



Sydenham Arts Festival Jonathan Kaufman

·                                Saturday 5 July – Sunday 20 July



The festival will include 65 events over a 2 week period from the 5th July – 20th July 2014.The closing event at Home Park will take place with Jonathan encouraged everyone to become a Friend of Sydenham Arts Festival and welcomed more donations. Free tickets can be claimed for those who become Friends. Jonathan made a call or volunteers to help distribute the brochures and to get involved in the different events. 

Tickets are selling fast and encouraged people to book early.

For more information visit

Other useful email addresses:


General enquiries:


Jonathan thanked everyone who had donated money, in particular the many sponsors including funding from

  • L&Q - £5000
  • Sydenham High School - £1000
  • Lewisham Council – Festival Fund, Assembly Funds and time from officers including the archivists.



SEE3 Sydenham market and Town Team Action Groups


Cllr Best, as Chair of SEE3, the Portas pilot gave an update on progress on various initiatives:


·        Sydenham Market


Saturday markets held every second Saturday of the month from 11am to 5pm at Queensthorpe Square and Venner Square with the booking and administration of the traders carried out by Lewisham Markets Team. At the last market there were 3 stalls at Queensthorpe and 14 at Venner. Feedback has been that there needs to be more advertising. A SEE3 banner is being produced plus posters and cards are available. Cllr Best will look to refresh the publicity including SEE3 and Lewisham’s web site.


·        Town Team Action Groups


The SEE3 Portas Pilot funding came to an end on 31st March. The 4 Town Team Action Groups created are continuing and would welcome more volunteers:


  1. Neighbourhood Planning – contact Pat Trembath
  2. Community & Social Capital Group – contact Jonathan Kaufman
  3. Marketing, Communications and Events – contact Louise Brooks
  4. Enterprise and Innovation – contact Chris Best 


There are opportunities to get involved so if you are interested contact Cllr Best,



Priorities for the Sydenham Assembly

·        Action Plan for 14/15

·        Funding opportunities and match funding



The current Action Plan was handed out to the Assembly. Cllr Best asked the assembly to think about how this years £12,500 funding could be spent. She has been looking into match funding and gave the Sydenham Arts Festival and Sydenham Mosaic as fantastic examples of fund raising and utilising match funding from the Assembly.


Possible funded projects for this year based on the action plan and resident feedback could be:

·        Developing the space and rear wall at the bottom of Station Approach for art or publicity

·        Creating more cultural spaces to allow for theatre and expansion of initiatives such as Sydenham Film Club

·        Community events - intergenerational/ intercultural events or activities

·        Strengthening Resident Associations so they have a voice and participate in the Assembly

·        Ensuring all residents are aware of what is on offer from public services that cover health, wellbeing and community safety

·        Supporting the high street to ensure sustainable traders including local market traders

·        Public realm priorities include clean streets such jet washing the high street, chewing gum removal and removal of fly posting and stickers

·        Green initiatives including street trees and possibly an edible high  street as in Forest Hill


Cllr Best asked the Assembly to let the Councillors know if they have any further additions, project ideas or feedback. Contact directly or via



Join the Sydenham Assembly Coordinating Group Pat Trembath

  • Feedback forms – agenda items next meeting 


·        Feedback forms - agenda items next meeting

Pat Trembath highlighted the importance of completing the feedback forms and invited members to join the coordinating group which plans the assembly and discusses local issues and updates. If you would like to join contact for further information.




Community information and open questions


·        Cobbs Corner - Pat Trembath is liaising with Gerry Dowd to get some street art onto the hoarding outside the Greyhound and for Purelake to paint the rest.



·        Mayow Park Alona Sheridan representing Friends of Mayow Park

The long awaited café will be opening in July and will be selling organic and Fair Trade food and drinks.

A Festival of Cricket is being organised at Mayow Park on Sunday 31st August – ladies cricket. Alona explained that they would like the day to include the possibility of stalls and entertainment and would welcome people to come and enjoy the day by bringing a picnic. If you are interested in a stall contact Alona at


Martin Hyde from Greenscene has secured £50k for an Outdoor Gym and Trim Trail in Mayow Park. Consultation on this will take place over the next couple of months.


A resident asked where the Trim Trail will be. Alona explained that there is the start of a trail next to the older children’s play area and would like to see it continued. Greenscene have agreed. They would like to see the Outdoor gym near to the play areas in a visible place, not tucked away .They are waiting to hear an update shortly.


Kent House Road - A resident asked what could be done about the fact that is very busy and dangerous and that she has been nearly knocked over twice.

Cllr Best advised that the Council has Local Improvement funding which assesses traffic calming issues and is based on evidence such as number of accidents. There is a priority list of roads for traffic calming and information can be provided by the Assembly Coordinator.


Zanzibar - the appeal date is in September. Cllr Best asked for residents to continue keeping logs and notifying the Police and Council with issues. Jonathan Kaufman urged the assembly to attend the community events taking place at the Zanzibar to encourage the owner to change his business model to one that is more community friendly. At the Licencing Committee meeting the owner had agreed to a community friendly model but since then stopped communicating and put in the appeal against a 2am closing license. Anti social behaviour continues.


Christmas tree lights were raised. Cllr Best advised that we might need to source some money for additional lights if residents wanted them and is happy to set up a Christmas Committee to discuss all Christmas arrangements.

Action: Cllr Best to report back at the next meeting in September


Films - Sydenham Film Club runs on the last Thursday of the month and the TNG film club is running every Friday from 1.30 – 3.30 pm and a list of screenings was handed out.



Date for the next Assembly meeting:

·        7pm Thursday 11 September at the TNG



Cllr Best thanked everyone for attending the meeting.

The next assembly meeting will be on Thursday 11 September 14


The meeting closed at 9.00pm.