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Welcome from the Chair

Chair: Councillor James J Walsh


This is a hybrid meeting.


For those who are unable to attend in person, please access the meeting here: Join the Rushey Green Assembly Meeting


Chair of the meeting Councillor Walsh welcomed attendees to the assembly meeting. He gave apologies to from Councillor Krupski who was attending other council business and introduced Councillor Muldoon.


Cllr Walsh explained that the meeting was hybrid and that some people were joining in person and online, he gave housekeeping information and explained to people the process of asking questions either by raising hands online or by completing the question cards in the room.


A resident raised a question on why there was not an agenda item on sustainable streets at the meeting when it had been proposed. Cllr Walsh explained the consultation has closed for Phase 1 by the time of this meeting and most of Rushey Green was not part of Phase 1. This is currently going through a process. We will be having further conversations around this and that it would be raised at a more appropriate time for Rushey Green.



Rushey Green Safer Neighbourhood Team


PC Barnaby Jones introduced himself as a member of the Rushey Green Safer Neighbourhood Team. He provided an update on the current work they are doing at Milford Towers to improve the area for residents and the high visibility patrols that have been taking place. the high visibility patrols are as a direct response to the community asking to see a better police presence in Rushey Green. PC Jones stated that he did not have the statistics available at this meeting but have seen a reduction in violent crimes such as robbery and assault due to these patrols.

The Rushey Green team have put in a funding bid to be able to provide more officer overtime going forward and are waiting to hear back on if the application has been successful. There has also been additional resources put into the Lewisham Central area around the shopping centre and market, but these officers do come into Rushey Green as well – this is more primarily focused on enforcement rather than the community policing done by PC Jones’ team.


Cllr Walsh highlighted that lewisham were currently holding a public spaces protection order consultation and asked PC Jones to provide a bit more information about what the PSPO can do, he stated that a PSPO targets mainly anti-social behaviour, which then obviously leads on to low level and even high-level crime.


Cllr Walsh clarified that the consultation was asking about A PSPO is an additional tool that gives the Police and Council Officers powers to help reduce specific anti-social behaviours. It also allows officers to issue a warning, or a fixed penalty notice for anti-social behaviour carried out by individuals. The PSPO would apply to the entire borough of Lewisham for the following activities:


·        Alcohol related anti-social behaviour and disorder

·        Consumption of drugs and psychoactive substances

·        Illegal encampments

·        Public urination and defecation

·        Amplified speech or music in open spaces

·        Dog related anti-social behaviour in public spaces and parks

Cllr Walsh asked the link to the consultation to be circulated.


Questions/comments on this item

A question was raised from a resident living in the same street for 10 years who has seen the same person committing offences and after a police raid this person was back. He asked how the police can support the community to make things better. PC Jones admitted there were difficulties around this but the people are known to the police and arrests are being made and the high vis patrols are making some difference and for residents to call 101 or report crimes online as the police can act if they know about issues.

A resident mentioned that he worked with a local neighbourhood watch scheme and had noticed lots of issues around dealing happening in cars and should they be taking down number plates and descriptions. PC jones said that they can report these with number plates and descriptions as long as no one was putting themselves at risk.

A resident asked how best to deal with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


NCIL Community Project updates


Cllr Walsh introduced the NCIL update section of the meeting and gave a reminder to attendees what NCIL funding was and how the funding was meant to make improvements to the local area.


Holbeach Primary School – Feasibility study and irrigation system – Friends of Holbeach Primary School, Hannah Williams.


Hannah Williams introduced herself as one of the members of the Friends of Holbeach which is parent teacher association for Holbeach Primary School on Doggett Road.

Ms Williams outlined the bid for funding to include a feasibility study for a shelter in the playground to improve use of the playground in both rainy and hot weather and other playground improvements, she was glad to be able to show off some of the great artwork done by the school children as part of her presentation. The feasibility study was completed in January of this year and will help the school and friends to be in a stronger position to raise capital funds to carry out the improvement works in the future. The other part of the funding was for an irrigation system for plants and trees at the school and for water butts and gardening equipment which will be installed over the summer – working with children and parents and to create an outdoor classroom environment. The school and Friends group are working in conjunction with Opal, which is an organisation that helps advise schools about how they should use their social spaces and play areas and are working closely with them. Everything the school is doing with this funding is actually going to have even more of an impact than they first imagined.

Councillor Walsh thanked Ms Williams and commented that it is really great to see that they're investing in green educational spaces for our young people to grow up with.


Catford Saturday Food Projects Together – Lewisham Local - Mel Shakespeare / Simone Riddle.


Ms Riddle introduced the Lewisham Local project and stated that they had put in an NCIL funding bid for Saturday food projects together that brought together several food including Catford Fridge, Food Cycle and The Catford Soup Kitchen, projects and the funding meant that they were able to employ a project coordinator.

The coordinator, Mel Shakespeare highlighted that food cycle essentially exists to support those who may be in need of a meal and may be hungry and lonely. She provided national and Lewisham based statistics around level of need. Foodcycle collects surplus food and creates a culturally inclusive three course vegetarian meal for those who are hungry or lonely. The project encourages friendships by creating a space for people to come sit down and talk to each other. Lots of guests have said that they've met new people from different walks of life. The project improves nutrition and reduces hunger by cooking healthy meals for those who need it and try to change attitudes to food in the environment by cooking the surplus ingredients destined for landfill. In 2022, the project saved 5398  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.


Community Fundraising and the help available - Lewisham Local


Community Fundraiser Karen Jeffries introduced the work she was doing in the community to support people in their fundraising efforts, particularly, her role focuses on support for black led and disability groups as part of her equalities remit. She let people know about the Friday fundraising club that was one of the best resources offered to local groups as it gave organisations the chance to come together to learn from each other, hear about funding opportunities available and build the groups fundraising knowledge and experience. The brochure that Karen presented from at the meeting with more information can be viewed here


Cllr Walsh asked if Karen supported people who are taking their first steps to get set up to find low level money so they can get going? Karen confirmed that she could help with that and coming along to the Friday Fundraising club was a good place to start.

Clarity was sought on when the fundraisers started and if there was a way to confirm how much money is being raised with this support. Karen confirmed that she and the other fundraiser working with community connections began in post around 4-6 months ago but at the moment she could not confirm amounts raised.


Cllr Walsh gave some background to the reason that fundraising offer through the main grant was a big part of the councils response to austerity to help make Lewisham more resilient and that through monitoring this information will be more readily available once the project has been going for longer.

You can contact Karen using this email address.



Community information


Simone Riddle from Lewisham Local reminded attendees about warm welcome spaces developed in partnership with the council as part of the cost-of-living crisis support offer and also highlighted some leaflets she has distributed about that and that community toilet scheme.





There was a question around how we can get mopeds off pavements outside take aways, some are part of the business, but some use it as a parking space and electric scooters being controlled. There was general discussion about options around working directly with the takeaway and potentially working with them to develop some clear parking areas for them rather than on the pavement and also discussions with them and education.


Cllr Walsh noted that Rushey Green was a TFL controlled road which makes it more difficult for the council to do things. But he said that engaging with the restaurants can help and mentioned some success working with Nando’s head office. PC Jones also said that they could engage with the restaurants to try and tackle this behaviour. If engagement doesn’t work then the police will have options to start issuing traffic offence notices.


c) A question was raised around how to improve streets in Catford, Cllr Walsh encouraged people to use the love clean streets and fix my streets apps and based on GPS location the rubbish gets taken away.


d) A question was raised about the footbridge over Catford stations and Cllr Walsh confirmed that he has had many conversations on that matter with the individual raising the question and gave some background about the issue reiterating that there never was a footbridge that went over the bridge but to the dog track. The decision was taken by Mayor and Cabinet not to go ahead with a footbridge as it would not be viable through today’s standards and the issue is now closed. Any residual money from the Section 106 agreement is going into the spaces around the train station the programme for that is coming forward this summer, including improvements to bike parking.


e) Questions were asked about CPZs (sustainable streets).

Cllr Walsh confirmed this was not a stealth tax, there has been a consultation happening. If we move areas into CPZs you will see traffics moving to other areas. He stated that there are definitely plusses to it including increased street parking. The public consultation has now closed and are awaiting the feedback from that. Inside Rushey Green there is a small part of the ward that doesn’t already have a CPZ and has been consulted on.


f) One resident commented that Selvin Reid is a very helpful council officer for anyone interested in setting up a neighbourhood watch group.



Broadway Theatre Tour. Second hour.


Councillor Walsh formally closed the meeting and invited attendees to come along to the tour of the Broadway Theatre.