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Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Klier introduced herself as the Chair of this Assembly meeting, thanked people for attending and opened the meeting.



Update on Rushey Green Society and Community Hub


Community Hub: Councillor Klier updated the group on the background to the Community Hub concept, that it grew out of an idea from Philippe Granger at the Rushey Green Time Bank and what the assembly was trying to achieve by creating it. Confirmed the funding was still in a holding account, but the letting of Blockbuster means we need to consider a new site.


Comment from floor that the hub must be central to be effective.


Councillor Fitzsimmons updated on the possibility of using the site of the British Legion on Rushey Green next to the Saville Centre, which is still in early stages of investigation. Councillor Klier called for volunteers to be a part of a working group to energise the project and drive it forward. A sign up sheet available to leave details


Rushey Green Society. Councillor Klier explained the concept of the society which is to act as a business and traders association and to be an umbrella group for resident associations and community groups as well if feasible. James Walsh has agreed to lead the development of the society but made a call for volunteers to join a working group to take it forward.



Safer Neighbourhood Team update


Update from Sergeant David Walmsley, Rushey Green local beat manager.


Crime statistics for local area were reported. Have seen a reduction in most crime figures for the months January to May, including criminal damage and car theft. However this is not reflected in the burglary statistics that rose dramatically in December. Burglary figures are now stabilising  due to a particular type of burglary focused on properties with communal areas. Sgt Walmsley stated the measures the police team are taking to address this including work with victim support and housing associations in a series of street briefings for residents, that give practical advice on helping to prevent this including the simple use of a chub lock.


Working with local businesses on a charter to improve communication especially around litter and promoting what the team expect from responsible businesses.


The pub The Goose on the Green, that has long been a problem now has a new licensee and is closing for a refurbishment


Questions from the floor – available on request



Fire Service update


Kelly Macmillan Introduced herself, not as a representative of the Fire Service but as a member of the Fire Department union and stated that her views and opinions were not necessarily those of the Fire Service. Kelly wanted to put across the effects of the cuts to the service as she saw it including a sense of the catchment area for fire stations and how closures could effect these. Cllr Fitzsimmons declared an interest as her son is a fire fighter in Lewisham and made statement of support to Kelly’s opinions. James Walsh made a statement encouraging residents to check their chimney safety as chimney fires are a large cause of domestic fires and stated he would rather pay 7p more council tax to have the knowledge and peace of mind that comes with a strong fire service. 

Thanks from the room to Kelly for the work she does.


Funding - changes to the Local Assembly Fund and plans for this years funding process


Andy Thomas Local Council Officer explained changes to the assembly funding

The Assembly gives funding to use for local projects of £15000. He proposed that more of a commissioning type approach be used. The Assembly will agree the projects for funding, based around the priorities the Assembly decides to focus on.


An overview of the process was given. The ‘Mayor For A Week’ exercise was introduced to come up with ideas and discussion on priorities for Rushey Green and ideas for which projects should be funded. Officers and the Coordinating Group will do some work on these ideas and invite people to come forward and bid. For example, a priority could be youth activities and  organisations will be invited to come forward and bid for this at an Assembly meeting. The Assembly with then vote on the proposals, leaving control of the fund completely with the assembly. The grants  will be framed around the priorities only.



Catford Regeneration Update


Update on current regeneration programme. Catford Broadway works are starting running to February 2014. The Sunday Market still runningon the first Sunday of every month and is very successful. Promoted the monthly supper club as a chance to meet people who live and work in Catford and local traders. Catford dog track update. Planning officers couldn’t attend but Eleanor updated that Barratt Homes are proposing to be on site late this year or early next year. They have been told to engage with the community and update the community properly, so there is full knowledge of the proposals among local residents. They will engage with future Assembly meetings.


Eleanor let the assembly know they have secured some funding to undertake a mapping exercise of Rushey Green and are looking for suggestions of smaller projects,  for instance doing up the London squares on Rushey Green or cleaning up the station grounds.


Barratt’s were invited to come to the September festival to collect ideas and comments.


Questions from the floor, questions available on request



'Mayor for a week' exercise what are your priorities for Rushey Green?


James Walsh introduced the exercise and explained how it would work. Assembly attendees sat in tables and completed the exercise to find priorities and ideas for larger projects. These will be collated and fed back to the coordinating group and through to the assembly.


Rushey Green Festival


Tom Willets Chair of Rushey Green Festival gave brief update on Rushey Green Festival. The date of the Festival is the 14th of September 2013 so the schools can prepare and take part. Reiterated that this isn’t a Council event at all, but it is for people who live, work and learn in Rushey Green. Festival organisers are hoping that we get as many local people and communities involved and taking part as possible, especially volunteers to help.

The event is between 12noon  and 5pm but Tom is contacting people to look for things to do on the Friday, and Sunday as extra events. This should build towards a larger festival next year.


Next Festival steering group meeting is 3rd July 6:30 at the Civic Suite. Tom has a sign up sheet for volunteers and interested parties.