Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Sydenham Garden Resource Centre, Wynell Road SE23 2LW

Contact: Laura Luckhurst 

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Welcome from the Chair


1 Chair’s Welcome
Cllr Sheikh welcomed everyone to the meeting and encouraged them to get involved with the discussion.  Introductions were made.  A minute’s silence was held to remember local resident and campaigner Tim Lund, who was a champion for environmental improvements in the ward and who died recently.



Mayor's Presentation and Q&A


2 Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham

Damien spoke to a slide presentation highlighting some recent achievements by the council in improving Lewisham.  The slides are available on our website or by emailing The floor was opened for questions.

Q: On wild swimming being included as an activity with young people

A: Agreed this is a great idea

Q: On pavement access issues relating to bins left on pavement and pavement parking.

A: Agreed need to be tougher on pavement parking.  Approx. 4000 tickets issued in 2022.  We are looking at introducing a hotline for pavement parking and will enforce our teams replacing bins on properties.

Q: To thank the mayor for supporting campaigns against air traffic noise pollution.  Will noise control issues be embedded in the Local Plan.

A: Agree in principle. We are extending the time to develop the Local Plan, it may be possible to include Air Traffic Noise in this.

Q: On safety of streets for families and small children around Bell Green. We would like more traffic calming here.  Also on Sustainable streets and Climate Action.

A: We have to consult widely and include views of all residents.  We are exploring options around Bell Green to improve the pedestrian experience e.g. expansion of Green Chain Walk.

Q: How are road accident data collected in Lewisham?

A: We use national data.  There are other factors in making streets safer.

Q: On junction of Houston, Woolstone and Cranston Roads.  Parents fear letting children walk to school, yet data do not appear to support traffic calming.

A: We are waiting for new government guidance on enforcement of speeding.

Q: On Noise pollution,Lewisham’s policy

A: Have just completed consultation on Public Protection Orders.  Please contact Chair of Safer Stronger Communities, Liam Shrivastava.

Q: On empty properties versus housing need

A: We are focussing on providing quality housing, empty properties may not be suitable

Q: On Housing in multiple occupation (HMO’s) being introduced in 3-bed homes

A: Unfortunately, the law does not enable the council to stop this happening.



Sustainable Streets


3 Sustainable Streets

Cllr Louise Krupski and Seamus Adams (Head of Commercial Operations and Development), spoke briefly on how Sustainable Streets would work as a package of improvements including trees, charging points, protection of junctions, car clubs etc.

In the consultations to date, 20% of residents had responded, this is a very good response rate.

Based on feedback to the first phase, the council has taken the decision to introduce protection at every junction in the Catford and Crofton Park proposed Sustainable streets area.  We have listened to feedback around the needs of disabled people and carers.

Blue Badge owners can park in other CPZ spaces.  Multiple carers for one individual/household are able to transfer badges between them.

Following consultation, the modal filters on Bishopsthorpe and Silverdale will be made permanent. These still allow access for emergency services.

Q: how will the methodology used for the Sustainable Streets consultation be publicised?

A: This is not in the public domain yet but the intention is that it will be.  Check our website.

Q: Regarding junction by Mayow park and a lights phasing issue.

A: We are in the process of addressing this.

Q: On S106 monies of £2.3 million previously allocated for development of Bell Green, how will this improve safety for pedestrians moving around this area?

A: The money is intended to be used to improve pedestrian access, traffic flow andthe public realm in the Bell Green gyratory. The amount within the project is: £ 1,883,000. Some monies have been spent already although work paused on the project as various planning applications were received for development in the vicinity and work on master planning sites close to the gyratory was undertaken. It is intended that work will recommence on the project once the impacts of these developments on the gyratory is understood.




Update from Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)


Perry Vale SNT reported that:

·       Elderly residents are concerned about callers to their doors

·       A spate of shed breakins and bike thefts

·       SNT are also involved in mental health assessments and taking people to hospital

·       They are looking into using speed “guns” in the Perry Vale area to address persistent speeding issues

·       We aim to do cycling courses and obtain more bikes to move more quickly around the local area

The police were asked whether there is scope for greater cooperation with Adults Social Care in order to support vulnerable adults, and for an update on sharing of data with other bodies.



Community Updates

To include an update from Young Lewisham Project on use of their funding from the Mayor’s Charity Fund, and Kilmorie Primary School on their NCIL Funded project to transform the Early Years play area into an inspiring outdoor learning space.



5 Community Updates
Jonathan Kaufman of Spontaneous Productions asked residents to support his campaign to regain access to the Mayow Park Bowling green which had hitherto been used for summer outdoor theatre productions. 



AOB, feedback and close


6 Feedback sheets
Attendees were urged to complete their feedback sheets in order to feed into further meetings.