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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Kilmorie Primary School, Kilmorie School, SE23 2SP

Contact: Laura Luckhurst 

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Welcome from the Chair


Cllr Sheikh welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave Cllr Paschoud’s apologies for lateness due to other pressing council business.  She explained that the meeting would focus on the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding and that Lewisham had decided to involve local people more in deciding how the CIL monies are spent. This is an exciting initiative and Lewisham is one of the first local authorities to open up NCIL funding in this way.


NCIL Fund Introduction

Introduction from Planning Officers on NCIL and the Online consultation giving rise to the synthesised priorities


Chris Frazer, Planning Policy Officer, gave a presentation and answered questions on the fund and on the mechanism for deciding the distribution of funding between wards.  The following information was shared in response to questions:

The system for allocating the NCIL funds to the different wards is based on the development which has taken place in that ward, together with current data on needs and levels of social deprivation.  Care has been taken to balance ward needs in order to give the fairest possible distribution. 

Further NCIL funding will be released, as more development takes place.  Borough-wide CIL is also available and this will enable cross-ward projects to be considered.  The priorities and projects funded by Neighbourhood CIL will be led by Assemblies.

This role of this assembly meeting is to establish priorities for NCIL funding, based on those identified via the online consultation on Commonplace.  There is an opportunity for the Assembly to add priorities of its own, if it is felt the top priorities from the online consultation have omitted something important.

Everyone who has commented on Commonplace and given their email address will receive a response from the Planning policy team.  The council are aiming for delivery of the first projects by the end of the year.  The Open Call for projects will go out in the next few weeks and will be well publicised.


The current fund available for Perry Vale ward is £37,953.98

If you would like to see a copy of the presentation, please email . Further information on the NCIL fund is available at:



NCIL Priorities discussion and voting

Discussions in pairs and round tables, to consider the top priorities emerging from the online consultation.


A lively round table discussion was held, at the end of which voting took place to determine the priorities.  These are:

Text Box: Perry Vale NCIL Priorities Transport and streets Air Quality Youth Activities Community Facilities Open/Green Spaces and nature Community Safety










Summing up and votes

Assembly will vote on the priorities emerging from the online consultation


See above under item 3.


Networking Break


Discussion and voting on additional Assembly priorities

Assembly will be asked to consider whether any key priorities have not been addressed by those emerging from the online consultation, and to give reasons for including these.


See above under item 3


Community information


Perry Vale ward resident Kirsten Brooks spoke about the patrolled crossing on Cranston Road, and urged people to sign the petition to retain the crossing patrol.  Cllr Sheikh said that all three councillors supported the petition, and it would be taken to full Council on 22 January.

Note: This petition, signed by 275 local residents, was presented at council on 22 January by Cllr John Paschoud.




Participants were thanked for attending and for their positive contributions, and reminded to complete a feedback sheet.  The meeting closed at 9 pm