Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Lewisham Methodist Church

Contact: Laura Luckhurst 

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Welcome from the Chair


Cllr Patrick Codd, chairing, welcomed everyone and presented the format of the meeting.



Clean Air for Lewisham Central


Cllr Louise Krupski gave a short presentation on Air Quality, summarising what the problem is, and how Lewisham are working to tackle it.  For a copy of this presentation, please email .  In an interactive session, attendees identified that the worst pollution is caused:


  • along main roads,
  • on taxi ranks when cabs idle their engines
  • School drop offs, again especially with parents idling
  • Side roads where rat-running traffic filters onto main roads
  • Some back roads heavily used as rat-runs


Cllr Krupski confirmed that cars and motor vehicles produce over 60% of NO2 emissions in the borough.  NO2 (sometimes referred to as “NOX”) is associated with respiratory problems.  Co2 is a major cause of global heating (Climate Change).  Although Electric vehicles (EVs) reduce the pollution, even these do cause some pollution through small particles as a result of road surface erosion etc.


The Assembly was asked to consider what individuals can do about this? The responses included:


  • End reliance on cars and motor vehicles
  • Apply for temporary closure of roads near schools
  • Use the  bus more
  • Walk and cycle more

Cllr Krupski reminded people that pollution is causing big rises in respiratory problems – nationally, asthma cases are up by 25% and there has been a 43% increase in asthma deaths in 55 - 64year olds. Children exposed to high levels of pollution suffer reduced lung capacity and this does not get reinstated later in life.


The good news is that the ULEZ being introduced by the Greater London Authority will cover almost of all of central London and significantly reduce pollution from coaches and lorries. All of Lewisham Central ward is covered by the ULEZ, and it’s expected there will  be a 30% drop in pollutants as a result.



Making Renting Better in Lewisham Central

Borough-wide Licensing Consultation


Nick Stabeler, Private Sector Housing Agency Manager introduced this item. He explained that the council is hoping to introduce borough wide licensing of private rented properties in order to improve the quality of private rented homes. 

The council is consulting with the community and wants to hear your views. 


The Proposals if introduced would mean that, in order to obtain a license to rent, private landlords wold have to show that:


  • The proposed license holder is a fit and proper person and is the most appropriate person to hold the licence.
  • The proposed manager of the property (if different from the licence holder) is a fit and proper person.
  • The proposed management arrangements are otherwise satisfactory.
  • The production of a gas safety certificate (if there is a gas supply to the house).
  • Keeping any electrical appliances and furniture in a safe condition.
  • The installation of smoke alarms in proper working order.
  • A requirement that the licence holder supplies the

occupiers of the house with a written statement of the terms of occupancy.

  • A requirement that the licence holder gets references from persons wishing to occupy the house.
  • Such other conditions as may be imposed by regulations, e.g. the provision of energy performance certificates.
  • Restrictions or prohibition on the use or occupation of particular parts of the house.
  • A requirement for the landlord to take reasonable steps to prevent antisocial behaviour by occupiers or visitors.


We think landlords would benefit from:

  • A fairer environment for you, ensuring that the same standards of accommodation and management are delivered across all private rented homes
  • Reducing of the gap between poor and good landlords, raising professional standards and improving public opinion
  • Support you during and after the scheme, offering services and partnerships that meet your needs


Benefits for private tenants:

  • Improved standards of property, security and decency
  • Increased safety in your own home through elimination of rogue landlords, and protection from illegal evictions
  • Better information on your rights and expected standards in your home
  • Better protection of vulnerable tenants


Benefits for the community:

  • Improvements in partnerships between us and other agencies, such as the police and fire brigade
  • More effective tackling of issues, such as antisocial behaviour, crime and poor / dangerous housing conditions
  • Improvements in environmental aspects, such as waste disposal and maintenance of outdoor areas


This consultation closed on 21 August. For more information please contact 020 8314 7120.  For a copy of the presentation given at the Assembly, contact


Reducing Violent Crime in Lewisham Central - community conversation


Item postponed due to Cllr sickness absence.  To be taken at a future Assembly.


Borough of culture bid

Cllrs Patrick Codd, Aisling Gallagher and Joani Reid will give latest updates.


Andy Thomas, Cultural Development Manager, spoke briefly about the bid.  Lewisham came very close to being chosen as Borough of Culture for 2019, instead being awarded funding for the Festival of Creative Ageing, which will take place in September – October 2019.  The council are asking everyone to get behind the bid to be BoC in 2021 and enable us to put Lewisham on the cultural map.  You can support the bid at:




New Neighbourhood Fund (NCIL)


Cllr Patrick Codd introduced this item. We have been obliged by cuts to end the Assembly Funds. New funding is being made available thorugh the Community Infrastructure Levy, a fee which is paid by developers to local councils when new development takes place.  There will be a ward-based element to this, called Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy or NCIL.  A consultation will be held online to identify resident’s priorities, which will then be confirmed at an Assembly meeting.  The NCIL Fund enables projects to be funded which help to address some of the effects of new development on an area. 

The consultation can now be visited at: 



Any Other Business and updates


There was a question from the floor on how Assemblies can be more reflective of individual’s or local concerns.  It was suggested that individual or local concerns could be addressed by those affected setting up working groups to tackle these.  The feeling of the meeting was that the agenda had been useful, and that the format works well.  It was also suggested that these concerns could be brought to councillor’s surgeries.  These are held 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 11am-12pm, at Lewisham Library Café, Lewisham High Street, SE13.


Feedback and Close


The meeting closed at 9.00 p.m. with a reminder to complete and hand in feedback sheets.