Council meetings

Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: St Andrews Centre, Wickham & Brockley Roads, Brockley, London SE4 2SA

Contact: Sam Dias 

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Welcome from the Chair



Cllr Bill Brown Chair of the Ladywell Assembly welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the other Ladywell Councillors, Cllr Carl Handley and Cllr Liz Johnston-Franklin.



Market Place Event


The start of the assembly consisted of a marketplace event to decide the £12,500 2014/15 Ladywell Assembly Fund. Applicants were provided with a proposal number and a stall and there were 6 applications in total. Attendees were then asked to visit each stall and talk to each of the applicants before selecting their three preferences for funding. Officers would then total the votes with the projects that receive the most votes up to the £12,500 available being funded. For details of the proposals contact



Police update


Acting Sergeant Cheeseman told the assembly meeting that he is responsible for both Ladywell and Crofton Park wards. He then told the assembly that Burglary has fallen by 44%, however, with Christmas approaching it is crucial that people remain vigilant and keep their homes secure as this is a time when traditionally burglary increases. Nearly all burglaries occur during the day, so people must remain vigilant and report suspicious behaviour.


There have been 23 fewer Robberies than last year, but Sergeant Cheeseman told people to again be vigilant at Christmas, lookout for scams, be careful with mobile phones and to report suspicious activity. He reminded people that banks and the police never ask for PIN numbers.

Q How should we deal with people knocking at the door and selling overpriced kitchen goods?

A Treat it as if it were a stranger asking for money, so refuse to buy them.



Community information


Nothing from the floor


Results of the Vote


The following projects will be funded by the Ladywell Assembly Fund:


  • St Andrew’s Centre - Working and Dancing Together for a Better Future £3,470
  • Dalmain Athletic - Ladywell Ward Healthy Girls Football Project £3,500
  • One Community Project – Revolving Door Project £3,491.60  
  • Hillyfields Junior ParkrunParkrun £1,500


The remaining £538.40 will go to Brockley Max as the next placed project                              


Cllr Brown then thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and offered

his commiserations to the unsuccessful projects.


There being no other business the Assembly closed at 8.20pm, no declarations of interest were declared at the meeting.